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WOW! The thrilling sequel to my one hit wonder cartoon is finally here!

In common Smellson fashion, it took me another year and a half to finish this bad boy. It has been a wild ride. A lot has happened in my life since I first started this, so looking back and seeing all the progress and improvement my art has made has been humbling. I think the script took a dark turn this time around, but I wanted to explore more mature themes about abandonment, and neglect and see if I can squeeze them into Melvin's twisted world while making jokes out of it. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did making it. See you guys in the next chapter :-)

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I fell in love with the art immediately after seeing it. The story-line is great, and I found myself laughing at some parts, and the music was outstanding!! I just found your animations recently, and i can't wait for more! <3

Fuckin awesome ♡

The court of public opinion likes you and loves Goldberg.

Well, compared to the first one, you've grown miles, both in terms of animation and writing. I didn't actually like the first one too much because I felt a little sad for Chad (I know that was the whole point) and the overbearing nature of Fat Fuck, but this one was extremely well developed and better animated (I know you know you can still improve a lot). That ending, though, felt quite like a cheap shot to dampen the mood. It was unexpected, yes, but also uncalled for when compared to the rest of the mood of the chapter and the series. We'll miss her, I guess.

I read you made all the music... Very nice job. The song at the end was great. Did you upload the song here? Or the lyrics?

smellson responds:

Thank you for the insight! I'm glad to know that people have taken note of my progress since last episode. I've already developed new art styles and techniques while making chapter two, but decided to stick with the original designs as much as I can for continuity's sake.
As for the sad parts of the show, you are right when you said it's kind of the point of the show, but I completely understand if that's not for you!
And as for the credit song, I haven't uploaded it anywhere else yet. Currently, the only way you can find it is by watching the end of this episode. I will see about getting the song itself uploaded on here :-)

That ending was so forced. MC dies for no reason and then the "aw man id hate for you to die lets do that one thing you like" cliche for the end too. I did like the feats given to the fat fuck himself.

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Apr 25, 2020
10:47 PM EDT