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Move your troops any number of spaces


Flank enemies on either side to capture them


Get your Royal pawn to a corner to win!

Game by Ben

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If there was a human playing as black, black would win every time. This version of the game is unbalanced.

The game is neat, elegantly minimalistic. I also broke your game! I managed to block the enemy pawns into a corner and he game crashed.

A neat game, managed to beat it on my 4th try. I found out that the enemies seem to highly favor running straight into your "Princess" or "dog." in an attempt to corner them. So I was able to use my leader as bait to just kill off many of the soldiers. Not sure if this was intended behavior but just letting you know.

It's an interesting game, and the presentation is nice, but it's kinda lacking. There are no instructions built in the game, so I was really lost. To further compound that, the game doesn't do a good job at teaching the rules in any other way. For example, you might've been able to make it so that when a unit does kill another unit by flanking it on both sides, a little animation plays out that shows the flankers ram the unit on both sides to squish it: that would be a way for the player to see how the game works, but instead the game just insta-poofs the unit away on death, leaving me not knowing how the heck just happened. While the game looks nice, the game doesn't do enough with neat animations and interactivity to justify its existence over just playing the board game, I think. I might be a bit unfair in my judgment because these type of games just aren't my bag, so feel free to disregard.

welp, I suck at this, I got killed every time i tried, and the soundtrack was v irritating lol but decentish graphics and game play so you still get a high enough score >.< Next time maybe make an easy mode for the dummies like myself

Edit: Finally managed to win a round! But it came at the cost of much mental energy! XD And then it was straight into another round, I'm not emotionally prepared to go down this path again lol. Is there an ending to this game once you win a certain number of rounds or is it just endless random matchups?

Credits & Info

3.56 / 5.00

Apr 20, 2020
9:20 PM EDT
  • GameMaker Studio