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Gildedguy vs Oxob

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A battle of shine and shock.


(◙◙) Patreon: https://patreon.com/gildedguy

(◙◙) Twitch: https://twitch.tv/gildedguy

(◙◙) Twitter: https://twitter.com/GildedguyArt

♫ Main Song "Alien Victory" - Starcadian (http://www.starcadian.com/)

♪ Original Score by PowerMeep (https://youtube.com/user/PowerMeep)

Ft. Character Oxob (Oxob3000 (https://www.youtube.com/user/oxob3000)

+ Animation, Inking, Cleanup Assistance

SugarRatio (https://twitter.com/SugarRatio)

Soapy (https://twitch.tv/soapycats)

BoksKat (https://twitter.com/BoksKat)

IrascibleShadowscape (https://instagram.com/irascor/)

Guest Animation by:

Barthimo1 (https://www.youtube.com/user/Barthimo1) & Oxob

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It's been a dynamic 9 months, but finally the latest fight in the Gildedguy lineup is here! I've already been receiving tons of feedback on the themes, the music, and the style, but I welcome more. I take mental note of criticisms, even if I don't always like reading them. Regardless, I hope you enjoy this one, because a ton went into it.

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Simply beautiful and badass. It's so good!

cool animation bro

No words

This is the kind of fast-paced but easy-to-follow animation that rivals Monty Oum himself. Pacing the action to the music, the gorgeous display of colors and viewing angles, and the amount of emotional investment you can put into JUST the opening two minutes for someone who's never seen your work before.... The only blemish on the whole thing is the multiple LOTR-style extra endings after the credits, that could have probably been handled in a different manner, but that's a minor setback at most. The main event is a 5-star masterpiece of a fight, very well done!

Edit: After watching it like... five, six more times, plus checking out the other Vs films, this gets EVEN BETTER! The little touches throughout, like Gildedguy and Oxob both acknowledging that they'll go all-out after GG's armor is complete again, and the quick smile as they both unleash their full potential shortly after. The full range of emotion that each character has at each stage of the fight. Bog actually HELPING a little bit during the first use of GG's sword-spiral, which is why it changes to red on the second use. The silent overtone of doubt and forcing oneself through a trauma-induced block.

I also really like that this one's music is lyric-less, it makes it easier to focus on the rest of the presentation. Lyrics were honestly distracting in the other ones, taking them out made this one SO much more potent. I could gush for hours on this beauty of a movie, but I'll call it a day here. I gave it 5 stars on first watch, and if I could I'd give it 6 now.

this is just pure awesome! you earned yourself a follow, man!