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A billard game

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Author Comments

This game is very early in developement (started: 14th April 2020) but you can play it already and give some feedback for the developement. So have fun ^^

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This needs a lot of work. It's not scaled right so the balls just kind of disappear, and the balls also feel floaty and generally very unrealistic. - Doug Dimmadome, Owner of the Dimmsdale Dimmadome

zoroarts18 responds:

At first, thank you for the feedback!
The Issue with the bad scaling appears only if u play the game not in full screen but I will fix it soon. And the feeling of the balls is the smallest issue I thin because I just have to change the mass and the Drag but I have to find the perfect value so I need feedback like yours. Im really thankful for your feedback. I hope the next update can convince you! And if you find other bugs and issues please write me!

I tried several times to make a billiards game, but i never persisted, and i know how 'easy' it is to achieve at least acceptable game. This is far from good, but lets say its OK, for now!
And i hope that with the comments i can help develop it.

Physic based:
- The first thing i noticed was that the input angle of the ball in the cushion was not the same as the output one (without adding the english) but it should be.
- The sliding friction of 'pool table felt' should be slicker and faster.

Game mechanics:
- The aiming system is a little difficult, it would be good to have at least a short line of anticipation of the path of the cue ball or a ghost ball.
- It is also not possible to play very hard if the cue ball is placed along the edge of the screen (with 'Controls 1').
- Also, power could have a little more impact on the balls (screen shaking is, perhaps, a little over-emphasized and perhaps unnecessary, at least at this stage of development).

- The ball-pocket ratio should be 2:1 (the width of the pocket is sufficient for 2 balls at a time), and it would be good to make the pockets a little clearer.

The rotation of the balls, the sound effects and the graphics, of course, are not crucial but it will give an extra touch to the game.

-Hope I didn't overdo the feedback. (:
It is not necessary to implement all of this, especially if one person works, but it is not impossible!
I'm going to put the game in favs, I'm interested in further progress.

Keep goin' and good luck with developing!!

zoroarts18 responds:

I read your feedback and Im really thankful for the effort you took to write such a detailed message. I was searching for constructive and helpful critique for a long time now and I finally found it ^^. The feedback was very nice and not overdo like u said. I can understand every point you mentioned and wrote it down in my checklist ^^. Very nice of you to follow the developement of this game. This game is far from realistic billard behaviour (like u said) but I m handling the phsysics by now just from the engine so I didnt wrote a script which handles the collisions or the collision angles but I m thinking of doing something like that in the future.And sorry for my bad englisch , Im german ^^

Credits & Info

2.85 / 5.00

Apr 15, 2020
7:54 AM EDT