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Origin of the Meta Knight Ep.5 - King of the Ring

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It's time for Metallo's first ground mission, and everyone is eager to test their skills and prove themselves worthy of the title "Star Warrior". But who will come out on top? Who is King of the Ring?

Voices Starring in this Video:

CJ Washington as Metallo

Joshua Cookingham as Halberd

John Rolon-Ortiz as Jecra

Dana Roberts as Garlude

Jeremy Smith-Sebasto as Vul (www.jssvoices.com)

Aisha Taylor as Moon

Daniel Harmon as Dynamo

Introducing Farooq Kariem as Caliber

and Ayashisama as Rochelle

Additional Voices:

Chris Heim as Lancelot

K. B. Miller as Mark

Mariah Terry as Venus

Written and Animated by K. B. Miller of Studio Kinbla.


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The Origin of the Meta Knight series IS NOT MONETIZED and does NOT reflect the views of Nintendo or Hal Laboratories. The Kirby Franchise and the Characters, Music, and the like associated with it are property of Hal Laboratories, a branch of Nintendo. All Rights Reserved. If you would like to help me keep making content, please visit my main channel below or my Patreon!

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i've been watching the series so far for a few days now and i really love what you guys are doing here ! it's always cool seeing stories building off of right back at ya's world and lore and i'm super excited to see how things are going to unfold !

the premise and a cast combining anime characters like garlude and jecra (the latter i don't think was named in the anime) who we never saw much of and only saw in flashbacks, taking game characters like vul, marx and magolor and fitting them into the universe in a different and interesting way, and new chars entirely like captain halberd (who i have more than a slight feeling could be the counterpart to a certain other game character) and dynamo is really cool and it's really exciting thinking what's going to unfold with them, both the things we already know happen (jecra and garlude's fates, yamikage's betrayal, etc.). the entire premise is just super cool and i've super duper enjoyed everything so far !

the only real criticism i would give is that the dialogue isn't always super clear..... it isn't a big issue or anything ! i just have to rewind a little on occasion to hear some lines properly, but for one i'm not sure if that's just a me thing anyway, and if it isn't, then i still get that voice acting is tough and high-quality microphones probably aren't super cheap. besides that, the animation is really really nice so far for a smaller series, and there's already been visible improvements so far i feel (the masks in this episode seemed way more reflective, for one), and i know you guys can and will keep improving as this series goes on ! the series is really enjoyable so far and i await the next episode with excitement whenever it may be ! ^ ^

Congrats on Daily 5th Place :) Hope you continue with the series, it looks an interesting idea.

Excellent concept! ^^

Credits & Info

3.47 / 5.00

Apr 3, 2020
7:11 PM EDT
  • Daily 5th Place April 5, 2020