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WASD - Move

E - Quick Upgrade

Q - Stats

Shift - Restart

Right Click - Quick Heal

Click - Shoot


Kill everyone and try to get the highest score possible. The machine on the left side is for upgrades and has the cost on it and the machine to the right is for health and also has the cost on it. I wouldn't say this is too difficult, I was able to really drop my frames with the upgrades, but I am the developer so I'm obviously going to be good at my own game. I'd say this is my most polished games, mainly because a lot of events were taken up trying to polish it. There is no mute button so if you want to turn down the sound you have to mute the site. Share any bugs or highscores or suggestions in the comments, because I'm probably going to make a sequel (wow).



Removed piercing upgrade, which makes the game harder and gives me enough events to destroy enemies that have already been killed, reducing lag

Buffed enemy resistance, should make it harder to become op

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This.... needed wayyyyyyyy more polish, after 5 minutes of playing(and no that is not an overexaggeration) I got to the point where I could fire 1 bullet which would take out all the enemies and take up ALL of my screen with how big it was (that's what she said) (now that's what I call op) the upgrades make you wayyy too op in this game, and also TANK the fps, after 5 minutes of playtime, the game struggles to function and give you unplayable fps (5 max),Oh! and the game could have used a bit of variety in its music lol. TL;DR unplayable fps after 5 mins, you get wayyyyyyy too op after 5 mins and the music is repetitive.Final Score I got before the game got down to zero fps: 13000000

DerpGio responds:

1. The game starts lagging because of all the enemies which you have "killed" already since they fly away off screen and i had no more events in construct to make them get destroyed.
2. Sometimes you get really op and I need to balance it out, I had a resistance stat on the enemies which increased way to much so i nerfed that a lot.
3. I'm still learning on how to do music which is its only 8 seconds long and you could always mute the site or set your volume to zero
I will try to fix many of the issues and balance it out more which is why I need more comments about these things so thank you.

game is dope! But hard on a laptop trackpad

DerpGio responds:

Sorry for that lol ever since I bought a mouse i started making more mouse oriented games

Credits & Info

2.78 / 5.00

Apr 3, 2020
1:46 PM EDT