Sonic VS Flying Fortress

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PPL! If you have a better name for this, email me it or write it in a review, I know this name sucks.

This is my second movie on newgrounds... This one is way better than my last one (Sonic2.5D), this one actually has a plot and a bigger display. A good amount of violence and swearing too :D. It shouldn't take to long to load.

If you get tired of clicking at text bubbles, just push space.


great animations...but...

only thing i would have liked to see different is the clicking on the text...too tedious...and make it a little bigger...good work!

That was funny!

But there were too many bad words. But besides that...GREAT!

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Your movie sucs

If your weren't so lazy and just put some more effort into it like most of the other shoobies here on ng, then will have alot of votes. One is for sure, if its flying fortress, then shouldn't you have used the level from sonic2 wing fortress instead of that shitty version of that poorly drawned plane? Another thing, the music from level 5 from sonic2 plays only 5 times and it only plays have of of the song and not the full version of it. And the mini game is stupid too. If I took this, I even make your movie look good. I'm even thinking of making a wing fortress myself, like the one in sonic2. gotta juice


you should keep the name of this movie i mean like sonic, tails, kunckles are fighting the FLYING FORTRESS and sonic is the main chareter

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Ha ha ha ha... I reviewed this on my old profile.

And I still like this stuff. I can't believe I found this! Lol.

Fuckin' Newgrounds... it won't let me put my URL on this!
LOL. Take my word for it! Look at your reviews and look for "Sonic-Overlord." Thats me!

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2.92 / 5.00

Dec 28, 2002
7:48 PM EST
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