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Coming to Life (Lost Rituals) - A Stop-Motion Experiment

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This is a stop-motion animation which I worked on with my smartphone on our vacation at friends, where I was experimenting. I spent several days experimenting with animating clay and objects around it. This is a small figure coming to life and trying to understand the environment around it, performing a ritual as it finds a small branch with which it can move away objects from a distance. It recovers a small gem stone which is hidden by all the objects around it.

In the end it is changing night to day where it is all powerful, but than returning back to the small hump which it was in the beginning.

Unfortunately the quality of the photos taken by my smartphone wasn't as high in every frame of this video and apart from that there are more problems with it, but it was an experiment to make a stop-motion movie longer than a few seconds and of my first attempts.

The music is called "Carnelian Space Cadet" and made by my friend @midnights-ocean , you can find it here: Midnight's Ocean Bandcamp

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