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Pokemon Scottish and British (2019)

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This is an old animation, bare with me lol

NOTE: Scottish and British are just the same.

The title itself is a joke, since every Pokémon game has 2 versions and are opposites.

VOICE ACTING BY Elsie Lovelock


Also on >YouTube

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euro girls are queens

A tat bit racist but other then that, amazing!

Lmao I'm both of those nationalities

I do not know how to speak swedish or make a good British accent

I fuckin love Scottish accents so much

that's Scotland accent is really fucking offensive.

You: “ ...good ”

I can do something worse. What to hear my Jewish impression?

You: “ NO!!!...ok maybe, but I thought you liked offensive comedy? ”

I do... if you do something funny or clever with it. It’s just them talking. Nothing is happening. if if you see one boring racist joke you see them all.

And @PringusMcDingus made the same movie but with better animation, but he only got 4th place.