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Dystopian Nights

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Full version coming to Steam. Wishlist here:


A weird experimental walking sim I made in 5 days, inspired heavily by Bernband.

WASD to move.

Chrome recommended as browser.

Making Of Dystopian Nights

Escape to exit cursor lock.

EDIT: Fixed cursor lock


I'm now working on a full version of this game! Will try to have a legit demo up within a month! Stay tuned!

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need more interaction other than that not bad work

Not a bad start, art design is on point, but the only thing to do is walk around. The atmosphere is great, but without any other way to learn more of or interact with the world, I can;t stay interested for long.

Not too shabby. Fun to walk around the world and see the interesting things in it. Only problem is that it's so interesting I wish there was more I could actually interact with: people to talk to, interesting stories to overhear, activities to play, etc. Something like the old days of Lego Island, if anyone gets that reference. As it is, you can't do anything, not even bump into people. Even if there aren't any interactions to be made in the full version, I wish there were more subtle touches like the sound of rain changing when you walk into a building and such to really bring you in tune with the environment. There's also a bit of a performance hit that affects the mouse sensitivity when you look certain ways. Would love to see this cool city fleshed out more!

This is really cool and the atmosphere and feel of all the little shops is awesome. Love the little dumpster area in the alley behind the bar and also love the cheap cocaine hard drugs sign. the way the music changes in different areas and buildings is also really awesome

When the cat monster in the alley said "Mow mow mow" I felt that.