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The Merciless Deep

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1. darksora166 22

Author Comments

This game is a 48h gamejam entry for Alakajam !

**Goal :**

Dive as deep as you can but keep in mind you must survive the trip back to your boat to log a high score.

**Controls :**

- (arrow keys) move around

- (z) jump / swim

- (x) take / launch hermit crab

**Oxygen :**

- You can swim ( jump in ̶m̶i̶d̶a̶i̶r̶ midwater) using 50% of your current tank

- Open the clam with an hermit crab shell to refill your tank

- You have 5 oxygen tanks. Once they are all gone, you'll drown !!

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Cute, simplistic game that is surprisingly difficult.

it is very simple yet interesting and fun to play

I have a high score of 360 I'm in the top 5! Btw this game is really simple (though probably not simple to make) but I like it's aesthetic and the idea is cool.

i'm a fish! :D

Very cool. Gotta love the PICO-8.