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All the King's Men

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All the King's Men is a tower defense game about protecting a Kingdom on the verge of collapse. The Red Army has taken over all 7 Kingdoms and it is up to your King and you to stop their crusade. You will need to band together with the other 7 ruined Kingdoms if you want any shot of winning. 

You will build troops(towers) on a large grid to try and slow down the attacking armies. Each day you will be able to upgrade your Kingdom in different ways. Such as making your King stronger, increasing your resource gathering or having your spells do increased damage the choice is up to you. 

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pretty good game, i wish i could play more but my pc is very limited so i could not play too long, i will try again at a later time. but these kinda games or my kinda games.
i like having the ling that shows the path the enemy troops are going to take that's pretty dope, i just gotta figure out how to increase the size of the font , the pc i'm using is worse then a toaster soo i'm kinda disappointed in me.

How do you save the game?

A refreshing spin on tower defense.

I would have liked to have had tougher enemies, and more starting gold.

As it stood, there was not nearly enough gold to set up even a basic maze until the 3rd or 4th wave, even using the cheapest units.

I'd also suggest starting each wave paused, so that you can place troops.
The ability to pan while paused would have also been nice.

There were buildings on either side of the combat area that seemed like they should do something, but I never figured out how to use them. (Or if it were even possible.)

Only the options appear, is it a glitch?
Edit: Don't mind it just loaded well

DexRobinson88 responds:

What options are you seeing? On the main menu or in the game?

thats a really good one, havent played a good tower defense game for a very long time, nice grapics und sounds, rally i like it