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"PROVIDENCE corporation is celebrating their first New Year, but who can even imagine, what will turn out for them just decorating the Christmas tree..."


Small chilled and misterious installment is here, I hope you enjoy this one! Cartoon was in-development right after my "Sabotage" is being published, so you can count yourself how much days it took me to make :)

And at the end I say Happy New Year everone! Keep being as cool as you are already and be happy! Thank you all for your support❤


P.S. A bit late, due to unknown problems with previous upload. Finally it's here, enjoy and don't forget to subscribe Ground Zero yt channel for more stuff like that.

This movie on yt: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BEyTvxHlz3A

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I loved how the guy in the Santa costume was stunned for a moment. Added a sprinkle of comedy onto the violence. Love it!

I guess stars in the Madness universe are all evil.

Pretty good! Liked the animation, concept and funny bits in it.

Yeah, he definitely needs to put it on the top. Well done!