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I am 20 now (Animated song)

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Well, for some reason my ISP blocked Newgrounds.

But now I've got a VPN, so finally got to upload this here.

Well, I am 20 now.

And following the tradition of posting an annual birthday song, here's the video.

Metaphors everywhere.

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Depression likes Red Bull? :P What a way to celebrate twenty... but it's cool you're learning to handle it, and managing to present the darkness in a brighter light too. Great shifts, great interactions, not the most advanced imagery but effectual such, and the song: it's catchy! :D I could keep this on loop a while.

Feels like it's a theme pretty much everyone can relate to too. Good to see you're still making these, and getting better and better, AND hitting 20 in 2020! :D Being born right on the first year of the millennium's pretty cool hmm. Happy Birthday, a bit belated! Hope things keep looking brighter and brighter moving on! Life's just full of ups and downs, but how you handle them shows what kind of person you really are; how far you can really get. Good handle.


DIWAKAR responds:

Haha, Yes it does. And thanks man. XD

Nice animation and I like the imagery with depression. Pretty honest. Music is nice, too, good sound quality and fairly catchy. Has variety, too. I feel like the voice acting at the end was possibly a bit too quiet, as well as the singing at the start.
Overall a fun and well-done but personal video, where the audio and visuals back each other up nicely with some improvable points. Happy birthday!

DIWAKAR responds:

Thanks a lot man.

Congratulations Newgrounder! 20 to 40 coud be your best years.
What is ISP?

DIWAKAR responds:

Thanks man. ISP = Internet Service Provider.

Oh, I see you're going for the Lazy Muffin kind of thing with the annual birthday thing.
I thought it was funny. The part about him suggesting Red Bull- that crap tastes awful, no one would recommend that. Bad taste, I'm angry.

Really though, it was short and sweet.
Depression kind of looks like a Marvel villain.

DIWAKAR responds:

Haha.. Thanks man. Yeah, Lazy Muffin was actually a big influence.
Oh lol. I like Red Bull :P