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REALM 5: Revelation

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The development of this project was very lengthy and full of effort. It finally got its conclusion today and I'm happy to share it with you all. Put a lot of my heart and soul into this movie. To be able to release this is a huge burden off of my shoulders. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do!

All of the voice acting was done by me.

Thanks to Gibb for helping with all the new sounds! You've been an incredible asset to the movie.

Also, thanks to Clatform for the even spicier NG Intro.

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The most underrated Fan-creation of whole MC Community History. Let’s start my review from beginning…
It’s nice to see the person (00X) who seeing the whole Madness Universe as not whole destruction. I mean, when MC10 was planned as ending, MC moral was “fuck control, we rule!” But with MC7.5 August M3KYR poster — it’s getting totally new arks. Why everyone started to hate REALM in 2019? Because the people are pigs, who need “krinkils quality”. The ending of R1 is 20% cooler than SCP… Gives intrigue, all these things, and we see REALM a lots of arks. It was quite constructive, but with attempts of cinematography, we losing simplicity of this structure… If people need inspiration for Madness Animation they better understand it’s partly a game, not Hollywood. Mini Madness, MadSeth, Madness Strake… the perfect things for this mindset! Because Madness is not “bruh bluh I killed sun”, it’s “I got resurrected by Improbability Drive after being a Zalmamder’s clone for REAL riot”. In REALM2, sadly, are not enough clear details. With R3, Kelzad doing his work very good. REALM4 battles and MC10 references are 10/10. Sad thing the timelines been broken (?) after Yeelon killed you once, Kelzad. About this one… okay, here we go! “THE THORN IN REALITY HAS BEEN INFECTED” — cool beginning of new era, where MC season2 rules. I’m really enjoying those battles at the moment! REALM keeps showing at 5 that even demons in Madness Universe has soul, so Osiris wants to save the world from possessing… Meanwhile, Kelzad going straight to Hell to kill Sokar. Does he do right?! We dunno yet, but it seems they’re in love <3 Oh Damn, Sokar is screaming again… Too much nostalgic vibes! :< Zalmamder is somehow Demonslayer who collaborates with Osiris? He want more chance, more powers, just to save Nevada… What a respect! But still, at the moment Kelzad looks ironically weak even if he’s programmed to never die. Scary af to see how another 3 demons see him just a slice of meat… He understands he’s having freedom of decisions, and CAn K1LLL TH3W AlL! Sokar can download inside count of Kelzad’s magic to destroy Nevada, but he will never kill Kelzad! This cartoon could be REAL SYMBOL THAT MADNESS WILL NEVER DIE. Rewatching this after years and years… gives different vibes! Im not sure what Sokar monologue means, but Im really enjoying to hear this B) After Nevada (is that still alt timeline) been throw to a Hell, what will you do, Professor Z? A new age begins!!!!!!! *silence* GOOD LUCK, KELZAD :333 And I’m sorry about deadline fail… take your time!
Sprites 6.99/10
Animation 7.5/10
Plot Deepness 12/11
Expressions 8/10
Characters 10/10
9.5/10 Spin Off!!!!!! MASTERPIECE

This had way more potential as a game rather than a series given Kelzad's stat balance over the enemies. Total series body count: 276

so hyped rn loving it :D

Unlike most of the people in the madness community, I personally liked the realm series. But realm 5, it was a bit different. The dialogue stuffs are already spoken a lot so I'll bring a different topic. It's about the inconsistency of the previous episodes. Until realm 4, kelzad was an underdog compared to yeelon, this logic works in realm5 as well. But unlike realm5, kelzad was actually compatible against yeelon, also can be assumed by the spectating employers.

And we get to see realm 5, kelzad being absolutely weak to the point where he allowing himself to get "toyed" by yeelon. This inconsistency exists not only through episodes but also in the same episode. Again, kelzad has no chance in fighting against yeelon, yet the dialogue at the end says "let the true fight begin". I think you've accelerated the progress of your story too much, judging from realm4, yeelon being this powerful should've been 2,3 episodes later.

+ dialogues are kinda shit. There were dialogues in realm4 but it wasn't that disturbing enough to cut off the flow of the animation. But realm5, it had too many needless dialogues. Especially when yeelon takes over nevada. When realm5 was out, it was like 1,2am in my country, I started watching right away and I fell asleep, woke up, and finish watching the animation at 8 am. Yes, it was THAT boring. Hope you remove those weird dialogues in realm 6

Also, where's the 100k collab

the music tho

Credits & Info

4.44 / 5.00

Jan 1, 2020
11:48 AM EST
  • Frontpaged January 1, 2020
  • Daily Feature January 2, 2020
  • Weekly 2nd Place January 8, 2020