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Heartburn Boulevard

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On the dirty streets of Small Intestinopolis, love is a disease.

Emily Coli was a fugitive from the Immune Department, but Inspector Luke O'Cyte couldn't resist her twisted charms. With the body they call home falling apart around them, Emily plans an escape. But will Luke let her go or turn her in?

In this puzzle-platformer, you control Emily with the arrow keys or a compatible gamepad. As an E. Coli bacteria, Emily splits into two copies of herself with mirrored movement to forge her path forward.

Walkthrough: https://youtu.be/ZkKLDk7lY74

Creator's site: https://jonapulse.itch.io
Music by Eric Phillips: https://ericphillipsmusic.com/

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The split mechanic is done well, and I appreciate the difficulty. There were a few segments that took me several tries, but I wasn't frustrated at a single point playing this, and it felt like an accomplishment rather than a chore to solve each stage. The noir theme is fun, but you ought to go back and thank Eric again for me--his soundtrack really takes this home.

jonahgames responds:

Thanks, I'll pass that on.

Here goes 5 stars for awesome medical noir story

Fun game. Once there are four characters it get kinda wacky but it's still fun and the noir is great. Keep making games man.

jonahgames responds:

Thanks! BTW, "Here's looking at you, kid" was the final line of the game's dialog in an earlier draft.

i love the start screen

jonahgames responds:

Thanks so much! Art is the part of game dev I have the least experience with, and I was a little worried about it.

Love the style to this game! Thought the concept was very creative and nailed it with the wonderful music, art, and the puns, my god, the puns! Puzzle mechanics were cool as well and had some highlight moments like the escape from the double-cross. There were a coupla levels where I thought the flow got a bit too quiet and it could've used some more direction since it gives that impression so powerfully at the start. Controls were a bit confusing to get used to at times with the stacking mechanics, but I thought you made the best out of the situation so its all good. Looking forward to more!