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Adipositron #9 The rippling of the rain barrel

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The two duelists fall into a crystal cave, were Cornus welcomes them. On the red Küchenrolle the new flagship of the Küchenrollenreich arrives. Anaglyph-Nerd meets Bawd Ilse, the new supreme commander, since Van Burnscum was enslaved and killed (ep. 7). She made an alliance with the remaining troops of Francois under Antipirat and wants to wage war against the Holy Triglyceride, who has been located on a gas giant. Meanwhile in the cave it is revealed, that Cornus is only one part of a plant with many heads. He tells Schlauchtussi, that while she was on her way to the grave (ep. 3), Van Burnscum was searching for the asteroid containing Adipositron and was attacked by Francois (ep. 2). Francois captured the Küchenrolle and camouflaged it with a clunky hull (ep. 7). Adipositron went immediately to Cornus´ cave after he was freed from the asteroid. At this moment, Schlauchtussi arrived at the grave and discovered through her vision, that there were other corpses than her parents (ep. 3). She fought Adipositron, who was ambushing in the ruins. The explosion teared the flesh from her endoskeleton, she folded to an egg and fell into nuclear hibernation. Cornus forged a new porcelain mask for her in the years between episode 3 and 4, and gives it to her, now that she has awaked. The united fleet of Ilse and Antipirat arrive at the gas giant.
originally aired in june 2010 on Youtube

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I hate this! It's nothing more than ear-rape and intentionally ugly visuals. What the hell is the point?

Schuschinus responds:

It was a wild time of learning and experimenting and I had a lot of fun playing with the software before the demands of advanced usage striked. These happy memories and important steps in my development shall be preserved nonetheless :D
Audio and visual quality will become better, but the cluttered style will remain.

Credits & Info

3.18 / 5.00

Dec 7, 2019
10:11 AM EST