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A curious bear looks inside a beehive.

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Well, that’s one way to ward off a bear. What song is that playing? I know I’ve heard it before, but I don’t even remember if it ever even had lyrics.

JacobLenstar responds:

My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean

WAT!?! \:D

I'm so terrified and confused at the same time

Oh man, this deserves some stars, if just for the shock. Oh my God, I was caught completely unprepared. Just so weird seeing that with your style and after such a cheerful intro with the music and cute bear. Well executed, my dude. Nice animation on the bear, nice and wacky, with the actual bear looking pretty doofy. 'Specially like the walk cycle. The colors are pretty interesting. Now that I rewatch it I guess the sunset kinda looks foreboding of things to come. Feels kinda weird. That's probably fitting, though.
Keep it up, I had no idea you made stuff like this.

I did not see that coming! XD Wonder if the scene within the beehive is one I should recognize from some other place hmm, or some pun I should catch, or if it just is what it is... it was definitely... interesting.