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Madness Gemini

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Welcome to Madness Gemini! This is a Madness Combat fan game where you take control of both the main characters; when you are in control of Sanford, the AI controls Deimos, and when you control Deimos, the computer controls Sanford. See how long you can survive against the AAHW! The game will save your high score, so try and get it up there!

This was a game idea I had for a while and wasn't sure how well it would work. As Madness Day began to approach (that I had unfortunately missed), I decided to test that system out. And what would've been a better way than with Madness? So, here we are. There's plenty more I wanted to add to the game, but time really got out of my hands. Enjoy this MVP!

If you'd like to play this in full-screen and with raw 44khz audio (as opposed to this MP3 @ 160kbps audio), you're free to download the game at Twisted4kStudios.com!

Thank you to Krinkels for the Madness, as always, and thanks to Cheshyre for the super-lit menu theme!

Update 10/02/19 v1.0.1ng: Changed ammo drop rate RNG and fixed a main menu music bug.
Update 10/02/19 v1.0.2ng: Fixed bug where enemies could walk through walls.
Update 10/03/19 v1.1.2ng: AI now chases after enemies with guns, melee hit box sizes increased, menu bug fixed.
Update 10/03/19 v1.1.3ng: HUD HP bar bug fixed.
Update 10/11/19 v1.1.4ng: Lots of music tracks removed to reduce load time.

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Good game, it is easy a bit from the start and in about 3 mins things can be difficult, something that I like to see for a difficulty ramp (pretty much difficulty that is increasing for how long or what you have done that could be for a example)but I would say liked the idea of how the hook was used by multiple and not just the ones you were controlling

Pretty fun and well made game!

Nice and fun! :)

can you add like a easy mode or god mode and the easy mode makes everything easier like the agents and atp engineer will not get guns and you have more hp and the gode mode makes you have inf hp like im not trying to be raging or mad or an idiot but can you do it?

Not bad :) 8:80 record