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The Ghosts of Reality

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Submitted for NG Halloween 2019

A lifelong skeptic confronts his own mortality while he grieves the death of his wife.

YouTube: https://youtu.be/g54hoTozyRg

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so this was notbad at all the film itself has some nice and fresh art and with the music creates like a music video of some sort but also the view points give it off a sad moment but that may be the intent overall this was a nice film indeed.

nice work no changes needed


Woah, this really went deeper than expected, not what you'd expect to see for Halloween, strumming plenty of emotional strings too... when he managed to pick up that bottle at the end I was thinking it was an attempt to wake himself up and come back to life; see to the cat, but maybe it was just a delusion? Still not willing to believe he was dead?

Not the turn I was expecting or hoping for, but it does go full circle in such a great way.

Animation's smooth and easy to read and the music'beautiful too. I guess this was inspired by the music? Or maybe just certain elements animated in that fit with the lyrics otherwise, though it didn't follow the essence of what you originally intended to make, like the three-horned rabbit?

What a shame this passed by so unnoticed though... can't see how you can't appreciate this one. Whatever you do believe. Feels. Perfect title too.