You Lovely Lovers

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September 2019

A simple lil toon of two small birds sharing a kiss.

Worked on this on & off over time. "Off" more often due to other projects & obligations. Decided to focus on this one gag that was good enough as a standalone piece apart from a bigger short. Good practice and I'm proud of how it turned out but man is it ever a pain in the neck animating on 1s.

Coming back to work on this toon in between everything else in life was always comforting, like falling onto a soft bed after a toilsome day. But it's been long enough, and these birds must fly free.

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This was incredible. Truly a showcase of what animation can achieve.

i got asmr out of this because i had headphones

Strange, odd and intricate in a quite freaky way. This is Salad Fingers kinda classic. :)

That cat at the end is a thing of nightmares. You could create the most insane horror movies. Just haunting. That is some seriously insane animation.

Haha I love how it's "simple lil toon" nothing simple about it, such a sick frame by frame work haha... and just sick to boot. I didn't even have to check your profile to know you did Prank Kid, that was ridiculously disturbing haha, head rolling on a traintrack and what not.. Your thoughts must be extreeeeeeemely weird haha...