Frame Drop

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H: How to play/All controls
O: open/close Options
Enter: Next canvas

Demo of a game I've been making.

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WinaTTnNNJg

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5/5 for originality

I love this idea. My favourite game of all time is tetris and i love making puzzles. perfect match

R1N0Corp responds:

Glad you like it!

Great game! Intially, I didn't know if I would like a combination of Tetris and jigsaws, but this was excellently put together and a lot of fun!

R1N0Corp responds:

Thanks for playing, glad you like it!

Wow I did it! Fuck the medals that was hard just solving in 12 minutes let alone 2 minutes! It actually is pretty fun once you get the hang of it and forget about making borders. Even then it gets pretty hard to play once you get near the end. I recommend watching the trailer stacking in 3 rows works really well. The big problem with this game is that completed tiles just randomly disappear with a completed block sometimes and if it happens in the middle of the board youre completely screwed. Hopefully devs see this bug before they decide to release it because it was a game breaker for me.
edit: the guide made it seem like those type of drops were illegal so i never bothered.

R1N0Corp responds:

Thanks for playing. Making an invalid placement will give you a garbage piece that will then fill in a random spot in the board undoing your progress as punishment. If a spot gets filled in making a hole you can still navigate a piece to fill in the whole (remember to not trap the cover though). I'm a solo dev and don't have the time now to make (much needed) proper tutorial.

its a good game combining tetris with jigsaw puzzles, but i admittedly reek at this lol

R1N0Corp responds:

Thanks for playing! Yes there is a learning curve to playing smoothly.

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3.21 / 5.00

Aug 19, 2019
6:30 AM EDT
Puzzles - Falling