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hello. i'm miette. this is my first newgrounds post. i really like talking rabbits. i hope you like them too.

thank you david firth for handing over your vocals.

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I can't believe I haven't seen this before!! the environment and overall atmosphere is just so desolate and yet somehow comforting??
getting David Firth's voice too was an AWESOME idea, his vocals work perfectly for this kinda thing!!
the only negative thing I have to say is I feel bad for the lil' boy :<
but even that's pretty fitting for an animation with this type of mood!! wonderful!

its a really good animation and keep at it!

Anything with David Firth in it is sure to be good!

the creature in the ground reminds me greatly of Maggie from KrainaGrzybowTV series Smile Guide. i wonder if you've even seen it for you to have taken inspiration? great mood and sense of unease regardless, really well made!

This is like a combination of Courage the Cowardly Dog, Salad Fingers and Interface, movies like this reminds me why I love this site so much, you actually managed to creep me out and anticipate a jumpscare, so that impressed me very much :)