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C&H Chivalry Animatic

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This is owned by Explosm Entertainment, but I drew and animated everything here! This is an animatic, not the final animation, but if you're interested in how it turned out, click here to watch Chivalry on YouTube!


This is the most recent short that I've worked on, in animatic form! I thought the idea was hilarious, and I made it a personal challenge to keep her consistently on one third of the screen for most of it.

The temp track "Valse Moderne" (which I found by looking up Ren & Stimpy music) was perfect and only needed very light editing to get it to hit the beat when she kisses.

The Puffy Piffle was named so because "Piffle" was a weird placeholder expletive my mom would say as I was a kid. "Oh piffle!" and I thought it sounded silly, so I gave the boat a silly name.

I went ham on the fighter pilot's flight suit because I'm a nerd for fighter jets.

I actually voice three characters in this- the fat guy near the beginning, I'm one of the "m'lady m'lady m'lady" voices on the boat alongside Mike Salcedo, and I'm the incel at the end "She's not even that hot anyway - tch, unbelievable."

I also lightly traced the environment at the end based on the French Riviera.

That about wraps it on shorts that I can upload at the moment! I'm going to switch my focus to animatics from The Cyanide & Happiness Show, which if you haven't watched it before, it's great. It gets better and better after every season, and this newest one which I've been working my ass off on, is about to drop in September this year. Be sure to catch it on VRV, and prepare for it by watching the seasons before it!

Directed by Mike Salcedo
Screenplay by Kris Wilson
Story by Kris Wilson, Rob DenBleyker, Joel Watson, Dave McElfatrick, Mike Salcedo, and Connor Murphy
Featuring the voices of Bill Jones, Geoff Galt, and Mike Salcedo as the gentlemen.

You can find more from me as Phobotech on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube! Follow me there to stay in the loop! Be sure to vote 5 before you leave! Thanks for watching! I'll see y'all next week!


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