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Winter Falling: Prototype One

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-- UPDATE 1.2--
- Erase Plan button added to clear all units during the planning phase
- fate bug fixed
- veterans and catapults deal more damage
- hero placement should be more important

Can you defend Winterfell better than Game of Thrones screenwriters could?


Tonight's the night!
The undead army is at your doorstep, only your castle walls stand in its way to total domination.
Withstand the siege and survive until dawn! Winter Falling castle cannot fall.

Survival will require sacrifice...

- ​Build trenches and set them on fire when needed.
- Place units in strategic locations to create chokepoints.
- Give orders to boost morale and crush the incoming undead.
- Survive until dawn!

Discuss your strategies on discord - https://discord.gg/2JRjkku

A well-trained eye might spot many and many references to the Game of Thrones series.
This is my little homage to their Winterfell battle. I'd like to give you a chance to command a better defense than the show had.

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Sacrificing my cavalry to disrupt the revival process seems like the way to go. Is there any way to reset our progress? It doesn't matter much to me if there isn't but it would be nice.

Wonderfully designed.

Wish you had continued this project, its shows a lot of promise!

So i figured out a way to 100% win every time: choose attributes which gives you the most units (beyond the difficulty meter) and put all infantry units in the forest at the bottom right with the crow at the exact corner. Place the trenches at the edge of the forest and all of your heroes and cavalry the closest you can to the undead king. When you start, bum rush the undead with the tokens using the cav+heroes and it should trigger the king to move if you're close enough. This stops the revival process, splits the undead army into two, gives you enough tokens for later use and causes the king to move (btw hes fairly slow). This will give you enough time to permanently kill off the first wave and then slowly get the king with ranged units. Ultimately, pretty fun but I wish there was a full campaign or at least different maps.

Forget tactics just throw your troops at the enemy and hope it works, because if you try to use strategic troop movements, like a cav charge, the game just punishes you for it by not letting you recall your cav, (or infantry) and spawning more enemies.
Also the fact that the city walls don't do anything is just plain stupid.

It has a good idea but needs better execution.