The Summer & Winter Show - Pilot Episode

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"The Summer and Winter Show" - Official pilot episode created by Meg Oswalt and Andres Guerrero

Two personified seasons, Summer and Winter, find themselves as unlikely roommates in this animated 90’s Sitcom-style parody.
In this episode, Winter is looking for a new roommate to keep her company. Unfortunately, she’s paired up her complete polar opposite, Summer! Chaos ensues between the two forces of nature. Can Summer take a chill pill, or will Winter have a meltdown?

Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/p8BQlxI7Q1k

Official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/SummerWinterShow/

Meg Oswalt
- Website: megoswalt.com
- Instagram: @sweet.biscotti
- Twitter: @Meoswalt

Andres Guerrero
- Website: andyl4nd.com
- Instagram: @andyl4nd
- Twitter: @AndyL4nd

Produced at Ringling College of Art and Design

Music by Terry Silverlight

Voice Talent:
Summer - Ileana Baumann
Winter - Sogie Ekhosuehi
Radio Voice - Andres Guerrero

© Meg Oswalt and Andres Guerrero 2019

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I naturally don't like sitcoms but the frozen food gag was O N P O I N T

Top 5 reasons why sitcoms are dog shit.

1. The laugh track
2. The jokes and the puns are lame as fuck.
3. The laugh track laughs at the stupid jokes and puns.
4. It reminds you how the 80’s was awful because of the laugh track.
5. And The fucking laugh track!!

You: “ you said laugh track 4 times. ”

Becuse I fucking hate the laugh track!
Why the fuck do poeple use them, they suck!.

You: “ they use them because the viewer will most likely to laugh when they hear other people laughing. “

Bullshit. A little kid would ever laugh at this pile of crap
They never work! Only dumb adults think sitcoms with laugh tracks are funny, like my sister.

You: “ hay! You can’t talk about your sister like that! ”

Who gives a fuck, what she doesn't know won't kill her.

You: “ it would kill your sister respect for you. ”

It was already dead, and she hates anything fun, like Newgrounds. So I’m safe.

Anyways, the only setcom I like is iCarly, but all sitcoms sucks.
I really like the animation and art style of this movie, it’s beautiful, and I love the characters voices but everything else about this movie is shit. Because it’s a setcom.

You can’t use laugh tracks to make a joke funny, the viewer need know the joke is funny and you can't force someone to laugh at something that is not funny, it’s wrong.

*mic drop*

And lastly, cartoon comedies are not sitcoms because they are actually funny.


I love the part where she destroyed the black bars!

Well, Summer may not be cool but at least she's hot! Heyooo! I know this is the worst possible decade to make that joke what with PC culture but it was so worth it. Anyway, on to the review; I'm really impressed with how well the 2-D animated faces, meshed well with the 3-D animated everything else, I didn't even notice it unless I looked for it. The cartoon surrealism mixed well with the sitcom setup, you really made it work. I'm glad to see more western style personifications as apposed to just those Japanese what do they call em? Gijinkas? Even if they aren't drawn as humans, speaking of which, is Winter dead now?

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Jul 1, 2019
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