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The Summer & Winter Show - Pilot Episode

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"The Summer and Winter Show" - Official pilot episode created by Meg Oswalt and Andres Guerrero

Two personified seasons, Summer and Winter, find themselves as unlikely roommates in this animated 90’s Sitcom-style parody.
In this episode, Winter is looking for a new roommate to keep her company. Unfortunately, she’s paired up her complete polar opposite, Summer! Chaos ensues between the two forces of nature. Can Summer take a chill pill, or will Winter have a meltdown?

Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/p8BQlxI7Q1k

Official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/SummerWinterShow/

Meg Oswalt
- Website: megoswalt.com
- Instagram: @sweet.biscotti
- Twitter: @Meoswalt

Andres Guerrero
- Website: andyl4nd.com
- Instagram: @andyl4nd
- Twitter: @AndyL4nd

Produced at Ringling College of Art and Design

Music by Terry Silverlight

Voice Talent:
Summer - Ileana Baumann
Winter - Sogie Ekhosuehi
Radio Voice - Andres Guerrero

© Meg Oswalt and Andres Guerrero 2019

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I LOVE THIS SO MUCH, its so cheesy, but its cheesy to give it that reality tv show feeling, and i loved all the little details, like the mic drop at -2:39 is just a really nice touch i loved, and of course, the animation is INCREDIBLE, i don't see a lot of good 3D animation but this is one of the best ones i've seen, its so smooth and the colors vibrant, and the shots were super nice too, so overall, very nice job guys!!

"It's BOILING!" well take your jacket off and you won't have a problem! 😂

winter is dead. LONG LIVE SUMMER

Bad company here......

So, I feel like this comfortably straddles the line between parody and commentary.
You stuck close enough to tradition of laugh track sitcoms, and sprinkled in elements of the odd self examination seen from things like Sienfeld and It's always Sunny in Philadelphia that seem to be emulated in a lot of modern cartoons, like amazing world of Gumball. Of course alot of the realistic absurdist started in Dexter's Lab and The Power Puff Girls in animation for to Matt Groenig (Simpsons, Futurama & Disenchanted) and Seth Rogen (Fsmily Guy, The Clevland Show, & American Dad). I think we can actually blame alot the weird lack of realism in shows like Two and a Half Men and the Big Bang Theory on how extreme the story line they had to compete with where in their animated counter parts. Even very moderately paced shows like King of the Hill, on a technical level really allowed the creators shot composition, and story telling styles that be almost impossible to create on the same budget.

I think honestly a few of my favorite sitcoms from the past few years was the amazingly absurd 3rd Rock from the sun, malcom in the middle, and that 70's show. They all have their own individual problems but ultimately I feel explored rearly odd territory in narritive story telling.

I would also consider Gilmore Girls a sitcom, because my mom and I mostly watched it for the laid back feminine humor, and the writing had some sort of conflict with WB and the show fell apart.

I have even heard that the Flintstones when they originally airing in black and white where much more of an adult sitcom, and after pebbles was born and Bam-Bam was adopted the tone and audience focus changed dramatically. (There is also the fact the FCC required all broadcasts to have some time appropriate for children to view, and to save on making new content they would show the flintstones and the jetsons to teach kids "family values."

So, I find most sitcoms pretty weird att his point, especially if they blurr the line between comedy and reality. Alot of people really that to like superheros, or LOTR, or anime, you have to be like a character on The Big Bang theory. That characterization is painful when people literally mock intelligence as is common in the US.

So your animation really put's an interesting focus on the weird mindset of Sitcoms, and the horrible life advice they often convey. Winter was a perfectly happy and function person, and summer was super entitled and changed her entire life, and most audience would blame winter for being unyielding, and not "having fun." I think Summer overstepped alot of boundaries, and you actually full hog with showing the consequences of that.
The animation is on point, and your sense of space is very impressive. I really liked at the end when summer's corona hit the door frame, and you all really stuck with the Sit com perspective of camera shots in the common room. The subtle way you established this is set in the 90's is kinda funny too, because it's sounds like a TV or Radio is one and just shuts off. It's seems poorly executed, but fits the rushed narrative of sitcoms of that era.

I really liked what you all did here, thank you for making it.
(PS: Fresh Price still holds up and pushes alot of social boundaries in way that I still really respect, just didn't want to back tracked to mention that. Also Friends exists, and I did watch it while it aired, and I don't like it.)