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Two star-crossed lovers duke it out on the battlefield

Junji: WandaBoy https://twitter.com/WandaBoy_

Haruaki: HenryEYES https://twitter.com/HenryEYES

Junji's grandpa and "Sworn protector" Dogl https://twitter.com/DoglNg

Underwater Predator: Carmet https://twitter.com/MikeCarmet

Asumi: Snackers https://twitter.com/tictacsnack

The song that plays in the Asumi section was also made by me

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the To Catch a Predator reference killed me.

6/10 - No use of 'Nani' (IGN)

I got a good laugh from this, well done parody.

Love the punching and dollar part.

He should have activated his trap card.

im glad newgrounds has something other than porn to entertain me.

dogl responds:

sorry bro but this is secretly porn