PIXLR: A Social Canvas

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Author Comments

Hello all! Welcome to the beta of my latest project. I'm trying to learn multiplayer connectivity, so my first test is a social drawing game! It's super simple and straight forward, so please enjoy! There might be a few bugs, so please let me know if you find any problems!

Current Version: B0.0.5

0.0.5 Update! Finally fixed the level save and load function. Now you can save your canvas and load it (must be a host to load level data)! No more losing progress, yayy! I'm currently trying to complete a host migration system so as long as a peer is connected, a room will remain persistent. This has proved to be tricky, and could take some time. Anyhoo, enjoy the new features! Note: Tiles might disappear shortly after saving a file. Don't worry, they'll pop back into existence.

0.0.4 update! Added eyedropper tool, save/load system, changed movement acceleration/top speed.

0.0.3 update! Added mobile control compatibility! Play this in your phone browser! Added zoom and screenshot functions.

0.0.2 update! You can now delete tiles! Canvas expanded to 5kx5k, and hosts can now wipe the canvas with /admin wipe and kick players with the command /admin kick <playerID#>

Known Issues/Future Features

- When a peer joins, the z order of the already placed tiles isn't synced, so there is an issue when layering different colors. I will try to find a workaround soon

- I want to add a zoom out function, as well as the option to take screenshots.

- I tried to add a slider for size, but it wasn't updating with the host so I've shelved that feature for now.

- This game connects peer to peer. The first person to join a room will become the host. If the host leaves, that room will close and all connected peers will have to exit (refresh the page). I plan on having the "main" server hosted by a remote server so I can keep it online 24/7, but for now it will either be me, or whoever is on when I'm not. Change the canvas name on the login screen to join a different server or create a new one.

- I also want to add a feature for saving/loading canvases, but it's quite tricky with multiplayer. I'll keep ya posted.

That's all I can think of for now. Have fun!

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Cool idea and a good project for your first multiplayer game but I cannot understand how to use it.

larrynachos responds:

wasd to move, space or click mouse to draw. Sliders change color, idk I thought it was self explanatory really

thanks for the review though

Nice try was too heavy 4 my phone.. :/


larrynachos responds:

What phone model do you have? What OS version? What browser were you using? This game runs perfectly on my S10, and my family hasn't had any trouble with it yet. Are you getting fps lag, internet lag, or both?

You need to be more thorough in your review, or else I can't help you.

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2.88 / 5.00

May 6, 2019
11:08 AM EDT
Gadgets - Other