Madness Mini Re-Animated

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The first madness mini from 2005 reanimated to the current day.

Original By Shrinkz
Reanimated by Me
Sounds added by Zapchon

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Thank you for bringing some light back into one of the older fanseries of Madness, my dude!
Really good job, pretty nostalgic too. Are you considering re-animating the first episode of other series? I'd love to know what Madness Elimination Re-Animated would look like

This was pretty good! Nice re-imagining of Madness Mini 1. It brings back lots of fun memories I have of watching Shrinkz's animations. In fact, his Madness Mini 5 inspired my own Madness Hunt trilogy! Two qualms; first and foremost, some of the movements should've been a bit faster. I'm not saying make them choppy, just speed them up somewhat. Secondly (a more minor thing), why would Al waste a bullet just to get the Deputy's attention? He could've just asked whether he was the Sheriff and then where to find him. If you also plan to reanimate the next four installments Shrinkz created for this series and perhaps give us a Madness Mini 6, then I'm eager to see how those come out.

Madnesscrazy123 responds:

For the bullet thing, The deputy was deep in paperwork, therefore the only way Al was going to extract information from the deputy would be to get his attention by shoot the ceiling. (because everyone always looks when a gun is fired, regardless of what you're doing. I found the way the deputy was both doing nothing, and simply turning around while at the desk was a bit silly.

On top of that, with the firepower he had in possession during that moment, he had plenty of ammo anyway

The main character was a bit slow and the ending was pretty underwhelming, but this brings back the (messy) memories I had as a young kid seeing all these faceless, limbless fellow getting brutally murdered for no other reason then to make us laugh!

я папа мини

Pretty damn good, I have to say. I might attempt something similar myself, having been inspired so much by this idea to remake old animations.

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3.31 / 5.00

Apr 7, 2019
7:52 AM EDT