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[Blender] Spooky Scary Skeletons MoD by Muse of Discord

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Link for:
Cover Song by Muse of Discord https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VRnyE66EBTA
Original Song by Andrew Gold https://youtu.be/K2rwxs1gH9
Youtube Video Version https://youtu.be/TYv0CoFptzQ

I know, blender is a software to model but I could go on SFM but since I have a mac so to try to get a bit familiar with it I used blender in the future I will improve and then I count on your support ... to the next people...

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List of things that I hate about this video:
-fiev nighs at fred'ys
-bendi inc masheen
-the bg music just HAD to be a B-tier rad groovy remix, it just COULDN'T be the original it just had to.

Still, this video is better than anything I could ever make and frankly I shouldn't get this post blammed just because one likes something I don't. Just know that most of the things included in that list are generally hated on the internet. Sure, they may not be all that bad, Minecraft is a great game imo and perhaps Undertale is also a great game but really once we see all the cringy things the fandom does it gets harder and harder to like these games.

Here, have three and a half stars

LuigiGamer35 responds:

thanks for the sincerity 😊 but with blender I have few resources regarding the models but I'm moving to C4D and then this video I had made last year.