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This is a short animation clip from the Arrogancy video game that Tom and I am working on combined with some other stuff. Yep. Oh, and Arrogancy isn't white. Oh, and Smash Bros. X 3 is being worked on now.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that if the movie is running "slow" it's because of your P.C. I have a downloadable version on my site that should work for those with slower P.C.s



Same drawbacks as before... I shall repeat:
Tooooo sloooooowwwwwwwww, pick up the pace (Even though it's not an action sequence it still runs painfully slow, we should see each shot for 1/2 to 1/3 the time it takes to sliiiiidee slllloooowwwwllly passssst) To get it to run the same length on all comps regardless of quality, steam it to an audio clip that has the volume turned all the way down. It won't add to filesize and will drop frames rather than make the viewer wait and watch every frame chug by
Terrible voice acting
I don't know about that BS about the low-quality backgrounds, SS7 and POG4 have full quality .jpg backgrounds and run just fine on slow comps, there is no need for pixellated vomit.
Not enough motion, except for the first shot. They look like comics with moving hair. Flash has potential for so much more than a slideshow!
Hopefully the gameplay will make up for it.

arrogancy responds:

The problem is, when you have characters that try to stay within the bounds of anatomy and natural motion, it becomes impossible to constantly fully animate them with a team of one. That is why anime (TV) is never fully animated as compared to kid's shows in the U.S. - the characters are too complex and they don't have the budget/timeframe to animate in the same way. For instance, if I was to dumb down my style to yours, ignoring all rules of anatomy and motion (ie. circular breasts that begin at the neck), then I could easily "animate" them a bit more. Oh, and a tip for you - one of the first rules of graphic design is that an overuse of gradients is NEVER good, in any way, shape or form. Have a nice day! :)

Oh, and Flash has VERY limited potential - not exported to AVI. I tested a movie quality animation on there and it chugged along unbelivably ridiculously. Streaming doesn't work - it causes Flash to skip frames - that is simply not an option if you have any frame by frame or want smooth motion. Once you try things as complex as what I'm working with - then give tips :)

wat the..?

sorry tom but that was GAY
maybe if there was something going on it would be good. great graphics but DAMN that sucked. at least lets see sum pussy or tits or even ass. that or some action. something at least

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No! I have to face them! (dramatic music) I have to suck cock. What the fuck is this shit?!?!?!?!

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Dec 11, 2002
2:37 PM EST
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