Hardluck & Monster Girls

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Fantasmia has been in the throes of peace for 1000 years, so the last hero the Hero's Gate popped out is, well, not super impressive.

But now the Gate has been compromised and it's up to hard-drinking clumsy McHero Sir Hardluck to save us all from an influx of EVIL Monster Girls each bent on enslaving and destroying Fantasmia!

You control our hero... sort of. Decide how he spends his points, how he specializes, how much he drinks... and also just how arrogant his opponent is (with options like having her dance or monologue for no reason). Guide him from one fight to the next, upgrading his abilities and earning gold all while trying impress Sarcasia, his sexy barmaid friend... who he really hopes will become more than that.

In this fighter/RPG Sir Hardluck will do the fighting, while you play the role of manager, swapping between manual and auto for his special abilities, while you control his special item use and his drinking, which has all kinds of powers on its own!

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the art work is amazing as always but i have absolulty no clue what to do or how to do it. i have the game set on manuel and auto at various points during the same fight with the barmaid and still have no clue what im' suppose to do or how to do it. i left it on Manuel and did nothing just hopping that would cause the main guy to die so i could get out of the fight and figure out whats going on. still nether character died or anything, you guys really need to tone down the RNG cause its just murder.

BarbarianBabes responds:

You won’t start to shape how he fights until you level up his skills, which he does by getting XP, which he gets WIN OR LOSE!!!!!

The point of the game is laugh at the hero and watch him fight. Eventually he’ll be pretty badass.

I managed to beat the full version at BB, but I was curious if I missed all the sexy times between the main character and the enemies or even the main character and the bar wench? Some of my favorite games from BB are the ones where sexy things happen DURING the gameplay. (Elf Hunter uses the pink ammo/ any of the platform shooter games/ Larry's adventures/ and any of the Spank 18 games) Fun game, regardless, and I love the humor. Nice job on this one!

fun concept but...
RNG battles? REALLY?
and if watching your character be retarded for 4min wasnt enough.
He can miss his finishing move killing you instantly. *clap* *clap*

After dying 5 times due to a failed finisher. Im tempted to give this 0 stars.

Edit (reply to dev): ok i get that but
i managed to get to lvl 70 after grinding my ass off. It made almost no difference. Why? the battle is RNG. Especially if you have "Auto" mode on. Your character drinks himself to death 99% of the time.
You never die from the enemy. You ALWAYS suicide. Doesn't matter what level you are if you kill yourself.

Anyway i managed to beat the game by going Manual mode and literally learning every move every name makes as if this were dark souls. While your "watch the fight" statement is invalid, i did find it more fun after spending Hours learning it.
3/5 60% score. can't give you more than 3 because it's unfinished and im biased towards RNG.

BarbarianBabes responds:

You're playing both sides smarty. And he gets just as much XP for losing as winning! The point is to build him up, farm gold and points for loots, and WATCH HIM FIGHT.

This game is not for twitchy fighting game fans, it's for anybody who wants to click a few times and then watch the action. And don't forget you can totally throw the enemy off with her white buttons interrupting her attacks to dance, monologue, etc. Lighten up there!

One of the worst parts of this game is that for some stupid reason he can miss his finishing move (killing you) and that this can happen 3 times in a row. I beat her 5 times and I still didn't win. That's. Shit. This isn't isolated, this isn't uncommon, I didn't make my character stupidly drunk, yet out of twenty matches this has happened twice. This shouldn't even happen once.

Moving on. The game itself isn't bad but the mechanics are stradling the fence in a way that chaffes. There's too little ways to control your character when in a match (the moves your character pulls seem random to me, at least I've never seen any pattern to them) yet you've instituted a quick time event that is very touchy about timing. You must hit it right at the beginning or your character takes massive damage and the rest of the time you're just watching him get beat up or win with little to no input from yourself. (I always click the screen during down time but I have no real idea if this forces him to act or does anything)

While alot of this game is strategizing correctly before the match, and I do enjoy and appreciate that, it's rather cruel to force us to have to participate in a match that we really can't meaningfully participate in (this is barely action). One or the other, either let it be a strategy only timewaster, or give us some piece of the action (preferably linked to both the Keyboard and clicks. Not. Just. Clicking. If it's a PC game let us actually use a keyboard, If it's a mobile I don't see the harm in also having dual keyboard input for PC guys)

4 stars for premise, 5 stars for art, but 1 for control and 2 for frustration

Controlling the enemy (I assume you mean the dancing, pointing etc.) is rarely beneficial (the pros usually outweigh the cons only to stop them from charging their evil meter) and doesn't last long. It's also rather strange (the straddling thing). It's not a bad idea to have it there but rather than a fun addition to a fighting game it seems like a halfway measure to controlling our character. why not let me control me and I can interrupt her with my moves? (plus I've noticed with alot of enemies it doesn't actually interrupt them when they are doing their moves, most notably the robot lady)

I always thought the enemy charge up attack that you must click in a specific spot at a specific time to interupt was considered a quick time event. if that's not what it's called then I apologize but that is what I am refering to.

I am not refering to him failing to finish her once as the tragedy, that happens alot. I mean that I failed repeatedly; 3 times in a row, and this happened on two separate occasions within 20 battles. and it turned a match that I was winning into an automatic death sentence that I had no choice but to accept and could never prevent. That. Shouldn't. Happen. (note: I am suggesting a limit to the number of times he can fail within one match, so it isn't an automatic loss from the get go)

BarbarianBabes responds:

You realize you can control the enemy too right? As for him flubbing his finisher, he’s got a base 25% chance which increases if he is extremely drunk. And only 2 opponents have QTs. Neither of which you can fight in this version.

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