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Rescue from Sky [PROTOTYPE]

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Author Comments

PROTOTYPE. Manage your airplanes to win the battle.

This game is in the PROTOTYPE version. It's very early concept. You CANNOT win right now. It looks like prototype - only moving rectangles ;)

The base idea is: You may manage your airplane squads to help your army to win.

For now there're:
- Basic structures (labeled by letter), which produce and consumes some resources.
- Two opponents (Zygfryd and Godfryd) and you may play both of them.
- Transports with resources.
- Airports (labeled by 'A'), which contains airplanes.
- Squads, which you may build from Airport and select the target to attack.

Other things are planned.

--- Licenses ---
Used font: Grundschrift (https://fontlibrary.org/pl/font/grundschrift) on License CC-BY 3.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0)

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I'm sorry, I'm willing to give this another try, but I failed to understand how to play or why, really, I would play, instead of a game similar? That's always a question you should ask yourself when making a game. I do encourage you to continue making games and look forward to your progress.

Really! The game looks broken. It need to be fixed. I don't which color I'm gonna play.

I'm pretty sure you have some friends. Please, show them your game in an early state like this and ask them for some feedback and wait till you actually have something playable to upload here. Creating some sprites for fighter/bomber/airport/(etc) should be done within 15 minutes. Was it really worth sparing this few minutes? Like this, it seems like you just want to hear how awesome it is that you tried to create a game at all. But well, there is nothing to play so choosing a rating is quiet easy.

For a prototype it might be helpful to speed things up... maybe by a factor of 4 or 5 would be nice.
Time for player might be needed later when there is sth to actually think about and plan beforehand but now it just feels sluggish.

Also without basic resource readouts it is kinda hard to understand economics and strategically (try to) demolish opponent's buildings.
Also I can't distinguish between squads flying to bomb and going back home cause they are the same red color for both factions.

Not sure how to vote on this one - does it even need to appear at Newgrounds main feed?
There should be some very basic feedback from judgement already and other than basic feedback I doubt sth is possible at this stage.

Very confusing and I still don't know how to play, but you said it was the prototype so I can't be too harsh. I really have no idea how to play though, when you do the finished version make sure you explain the objective of the game and what you're supposed to do better. Also I don't know if this was intended because, like I said, I have no idea what's going on in this game, but the game moves really slow. I wish you good luck and I hope that once your game is done it'll be great.

rojekabc responds:

Ok. Thanks for opinion. I'll try to work a little more on better clarification of what's going on there. For now, I think, show label information if you click something should be enough. What you think?

This slow movement is as I want for now. I think it'll be in this way as a normal speed.

Credits & Info

2.27 / 5.00

Mar 11, 2019
5:35 PM EDT