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Follow the mind of a man who wants nothing but to reunite with his family, will he be able to find them, or, discover something else...?

Blackout is a point & click horror game. Instead of overusing cheap and shallow jump scares, this game focus on psychology, atmosphere rendering and tricky puzzles.

Stuck? Walkthrough is here:

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Wel lit wasn't earth shattering, or wonderful, but if you like these kinds of simple point and click horror with sad ends, which I do, then it's entertaining enough.

the dad was an asshole psycho

glad that there's another horror point and click puzzle game now! we need more of those... I actually really liked this! I thought i knew what the ending was going to be, and it turns out i didn't.

The game is fine.
There is no point that makes me stucked.

It was fun, not terribly revolutionary, but definitely more interesting and creative than the barrage of cartoony, generic click games appearing on a daily basis (low bar, I know, so I apologize if this is damning with faint praise).

Playing this game in Firefox, and I've run into a couple of glitches. In particular, right after I completed the remote and watched the flashbacks on the television (causing the ruby to appear), I happened to click on the toolbox. That caused the toolbox to appear, but because the back-arrow was locked to the room, it became impossible to get rid of the toolbox. I ended up in the hallway with a toolbox in my face. I went into inventory, got the ruby, put it into the picture, and now I was standing at the bottom of some stairs... with a toolbox in my face. I must have been quite the confusing image to my wife and daughter standing there in front of their glowing light with a toolbox hovering in front of me (I didn't even realize there was a cat there until I did a second playthrough). So that's a glitch you might want to fix (either make the toolbox unclickable once it's been emptied, or make sure there's a way to back out of it if you click on it in the endgame).

joeygu responds:

Man... how did I miss that?

Thanks guys, I have fixed it, now toolbox no longer appears once flashback is done.

Let's just say it fell through the hole in floor :p

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2.90 / 5.00

Mar 7, 2019
10:06 PM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click