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A Voretastic Voyage

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How much would you pay for ultimate ecstasy? A golden ticket into shit hell. However much that's worth. damn you lookin' like a tasty lil' SNACK!


Written, Animated, and Directed by Spencer Xavier

-Twitter- https://twitter.com/spencexavier

-Instagram- rotten.pie


Newgrounds- http://spencerxavier.newgrounds.com/

Voiced by Justin Burdick and Taylor Stokes

Additonal Art by Linda Mota

-Twitter- https://twitter.com/rubbbernecking

-Instagram- rubbernecking

-Newgrounds- http://linda-mota.newgrounds.com/

-Art Shop- http://rubberneck.storenvy.com/

Cover Art by Green Rachel

Twitter- https://twitter.com/Green_R_Jelly

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This really does say alot about Society as a whole, this man the small powerless figure he was only wishing to be consumed by the larger dominant species, this is repsresnting classism at work the smaller weaker average worker being eaten and spat out by the more dominant worker.

This was my Ted Talk thankyou for coming



very cool, but W H Y G O D? ! ?

what the sweet Kentucky fried fuck did i just watch

i did not understand shit

This is the worst thing ever seen, i love it, keep up the good work lol