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Author Comments

Mork needs to find the exit as time outside of light is reversing but he needs your help! Traverse the world, find the exit, keep Mork safe from reverse time!

How to play:
A = Move Left
D = Move Right
Space = Jump/Double Jump
Hold shift = Sprint
Escape = Pause/Unpause

Get to the exit to complete the level.
Stay within the lights.
If you reverse 3 times you will die and the level will restart.

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Not a bad first game. Although there are some glitches, like the double death and the crashing, the concept itself is original and I quite liked playing it. I'm sure you can turn this into a much better game in the future, and hell, even become a talented developer. Never give up, bub.

i tried this game a bit and for the most part it was fairly easy except for the last level where the shadow was too fast for me for a while until i learned how to sprint
nowhere in the instructions of how to play does it says that shift means sprint
maybe you should say how to sprint so people dont get stuck on level 6

TechieCrow responds:

My bad, I have added it now. :)

Level 5 is a bit too fast and there was no description about wall jumping and double jumping

TechieCrow responds:

Thanks for the comment, I agree some levels are a bit too fast and they are on my todo list to fix. :), wall jumping was actually going to be removed as I wanted very minimalist gameplay but forgot to remove it after playtesting so much haha.

The game crashed...
>_> which is not a good thing.
I also experienced multiple double death. I guess there are related.

TechieCrow responds:

The game crashing could be anything and without any detail on the crash there isn't much I can do :( Sorry.

As for double death, I know that can be an issue and is on my todo list to fix. :)

I like it! The jump controls are really fluent and reliable, the 'rewind' after death is a nice touch.

It's a pity you didn't create more than six levels, though. The last two were really more about speed (and luck) than about your platforming skills, so my favourite one is probably the fourth one which requires you both to be precise and fast, but a tiny mishap doesn't automatically mean you'll be killed.

I really think the level should only begin when you move, and not sooner. Like this, you have to start moving immediately after the level loads to have the most time possible, which is absolutely crucial (and annoying) in the last two levels. If the shadow only started moving when you do, this inconvenience would go away.
E.g. while writing this review, I'm constantly being killed again and again just because there's no pause and the level commences at once. Also, you have a level select screen, but no way to return to it once you open a level (unless you beat it).

A few nitpicks:
– Your shadow remains even after you blast into a puff of smoke (it should disappear, too)
– When you're about to die (killed with 1 life left), I wouldn't even rewind back, just puff instantly. Otherwise, it makes you watch the rewind and even move for about a half a second until the game finally kills you off.
– Is there really a need for an FPS counter?
– You also picked a monochromatic colour palette for the game (which is a good idea for a light/shadow themed game), but the puff of smoke and the life bar are pink, the level restart text is purple, not to mention the menu. Wouldn't it be better to stay within shades of black and white?

But what this game truly needs are more levels. You could introduce new features as the levels progress, too (for example a key you need to pick along the way to unlock the door, spike traps, moving platforms, etc).

TechieCrow responds:

Thank you so much for this review! It's VERY helpful! :)

I totally agree with some levels being too fast and this is something I am working on as well as adding more levels.

As for the levels starting immediately, I will add a "Press Any Key To Start" feature ASAP!

You can pause the game by pressing the Escape key (you can also press it to unpause) and that gives you a little menu to go back to the level select screen. Sorry I forgot to include the escape key in the description.

Now for your nitpicks:
- The shadow not disappearing on death is a tricky one to fix but is something I am trying to fix.
- You're right, you should just die instead of waiting for the rewind so I will work on fixing that too.
- No need for the FPS counter, just something I forgot to turn off. :)
- The colour themes are something I'm constantly improving on, I'm slightly colourblind so rely on comments like this to help so thank you!

As I said, I'm working on more levels so don't worry about that! But I was thinking about keeping features to a minimum, instead keeping it entertaining by expanding on the levels themselves by adding multiple lights you need to traverse through in order to even find the exit. Hope this sounds as good as in my head haha. :)

Credits & Info

2.68 / 5.00

Feb 7, 2019
6:14 AM EST