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Author Comments

Wow this was made a while back....

Hello it is me, and I apologize for the trash that is this "game". I would like to clear up a few misunderstanding that are fully my fault with how I initially phrased this:

I fully well understood the bugs with the jumping mechanics, poor level design as well as the many other problems that have been brought to my attention. The main reason why I uploaded this to Newgrounds was to get feedback on this project and how I could improve my future projects. You guys did exactly that and I am extremely grateful for your harsh criticisms. Again, I want to thank all who took the time out of their day to play through this and leave some feedback.

Also the title deserves an explanation:

As there were issues with scope, I planned to make a puzzle platformer game that had some lore behind it. This turned out to be WAAAY beyond what I was capable of. Due to this, as soon as I had the first (sorta) working prototype I decided that I would cancel this project and possibly return to it at a later date. That is what I am currently working on and it will be out sometime in the near future.


Thank all of you for the support and I plan to soon upload a revamped version of this game.

How to play the "game":

Jump on zombie's heads to kill them. This is my first game.

Use the up, left, and right arrow keys to move. This is a cancelled project (more information above).

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Since you said it's a cancelled project I will not judge. But think that someone may like the goal of the game, I would advice you to improve your game. I liked it.
Cheerz, keep up with the good work.

Needs work!! For a first game to be really, truly complete, there needs to be audio (audacity) music (bosca ceol) and art (which you had). Even if this wasn't complete, fonts were average, title didn't match, controls were way off. I'm sorry, but this wasn't the best. I'm sure in the future though, you will have a much better game. I mean, I started with Jump or Die ( a game I still hate that I made ) This wasn't the best, but you will do better in the future. Just remember those things.

Honestly, for a first game and a cancelled project, I expected much less, but you did fairly well.
Here's a game with a clear gameplay mechanic, a way to die, a way to win, a way to replenish lost health, a few different screens, different enemies and spawn points… if it wasn't a cancelled project, it could become pretty good.

You probably see the problems with the game yourself, but I'll mention them anyway if you decide to make a similar game in the future. This is a Unity game, so I can be more specific.

In order of importance:
– The jumping is unreliable which is a big no-no for a platformer game. Sometimes you jump too high, sometimes too low, sometimes you're not allowed to jump at all until you move left and right a bit.
If you jump by adding upwards rigidbody velocity, it doesn't seem to be very consistent.
Also a common jumping bug in Unity – when you check for collision with the ground using a trigger, you can "double jump" by jumping over the corner of a platform. Thus the upwards velocity gets doubled and (in this case) shoots you to the outer space. You could solve this by having a velocity "cap" (Mathf.Clamp) when jumping.
Although by far the most reliable solution in platformers is to use raycasting (Physics2D.Raycast) to check if there is ground below the character's feet before jumping.
– You spend half of the game off-screen. About 50% of the screen is needlessly filled with the ground which makes you leave the screen when jumping. Look at a screenshot of 'Super Mario Bros.' – the absolute minimum of the screen is taken by the ground.
Not to mention you can leave the screen through both left and right side (you could just add a simple box collider at the edge to prevent it).
– The health isn't deducted reliably. I assume you hurt the player when he enters the collision with the enemy, but you should also hurt him at regular intervals while he continues to collide with the enemy, otherwise, you can stand still after the initial contact and nothing will happen.
By the way, if you don't want them standing on the top of your head when they fall on you, there's a way to make one-sided colliders ("PlatformEffector2D") which only cause collisions if you jump on top of them.
You can check the collision direction for yourself as well (collision2D.GetContact(0) → ContactPoint2D).
– The graphics are a bit blurry (image resolution?), the animations only move the legs, the tiles are too repetitive, you didn't change the default 'Camera blue background' and there's no audio – although this all stems from the fact that it's a cancelled project
– There's no point of a 'Quit' button in a WebGL build, but a 'Restart' button would be much more useful. Also, in the Player Settings in Unity, you can switch from the default template to "Minimal" which will get rid of the "unity WebGL" footer

All in all, I still maintain that it's a very good 'first game attempt' and wish you good luck with your future games!

Honestly, this could definitely use a lot of improvement. The jump button doesn't seem to work half of the time, the level design and transitions from level to level are confusing, and the AI is underwhelming at best. I do think it's pretty neat that the character gets higher and higher if you hold the jump arrow key down long enough.

Personally, simply fixing the controls and making the camera follow the player's position would probably be the first stepping stone in to making this a better game. Some better transitions between levels would also help the game out as well.

Overall, this definitely needs improvement imo.

The jumping mechanics need to be fixed, the player doesn't jump if he's just standing still, he only does if he's moving. Plus, I've yet to figure out why the jump height changes between a jump and another. Does this have something to do with the amount of time you keep the jump key pressed?

Credits & Info

2.27 / 5.00

Feb 3, 2019
2:25 PM EST