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The Fight

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- The animation was smooth! (+1 Star)

- I'm interested in videos/clips about fighting and wasn't disappointed by your video but it lacks of real (or more) action (+0,5 Star, I deducted the the other half)

- I prefer something realistic. And it wasn't really realistic. At 1:25 if you imagine being the swordsman. In reality you would probably aggressively constantly trying to hit him. So in a real fight if he stabs and the enemy blocked it, he would instantly lift the katana up and repeats(stabs) the same move. At 1:29 if he's fast enough to block bullets, how can his reaction be too slow to avoid or block this attack? (+0,5 Star, I deducted the other half)

- I like bloody/brutal or masculine fights, YEAH! (+0,5 Star)

- fitting sounds and music (+0,5 Star)

I hope you become famous for your future videos. ;)
Yours sincerely

missstic responds:

Thank you sooo much for the criticism and the advise. This really helps me improve the quality of my videos.

Really nice cinematography.

missstic responds:


It is generally good- the art is OK, but the animation is generally good enough. There is a sort of story, and it all works. The sound is very good and the music is fitting.

The next step up would be to improve the animation and study the body movements more. The walking is not right, it is like he is stepping in treacle, the knees bend too much. Study some videos on walking. Also the katana man's face would be out of range to be punched and it looks odd when you see it.

missstic responds:

Thanks so much for the feedback and the advice, I really apreciate it. I will definitely follow your advice and try to improve a lot.