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Ghost Gal (fixed demo)

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Note: This game is a demo and it's still in development.

Aren't you tired of being in the comfort of your own home, only to get the day ruined by being attacked by monsters from the underworld? Well you can bet that I am!

These guys chose the wrong girl to mess around, not only am I strong, but I can possess enemies with my soul!

Join me in a metroidvania-style game, full of adventures, dangers and tea.

You know what they say, if you can't beat them, take over their bodies and make them fight their friends~

Arrows = Move and crouch.
Z = Jump.
X = Attack.
C = Throw your soul.


This game may contain visual effects that have the pontential to induce seizures for people with PHOTOSENSITIVE EPILEPSY. If you suffer from this condition discretion is adviced.

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Not bad for a demo! Art style is good, controls are smooth, and the map is interesting enough without being overly complex (one of the worst things a Metroidvania can be, as I'm sure you'd agree!). The animations could definitely use some work, and the difficulty was very low, but these certainly aren't inexcusable flaws.

Also, I'm weirdly attracted to both the player character and that Baphomet-esque final boss, so... do with that what you will.