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Ballsy is just a distance shooting game so far. there is actually going to be alot more to this. I mean ALOT more. its just going to take me time to develop it.

As for directions just pull on the red guy like you would for angry birds and let go to see him fly. spikes you get stuck and need to restart. bombs blow you all over the place. working on getting bombs to just blow you foward. there is an ending to the ground a little after 1300. there is a point to that so dont be surprised if he rolls off the edge.

I am seriously only like a month into making games and have soooo many ideas of fun things to make. Please support me in my ventures so I can bring great stuff into the world

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I think the artwork looks perfect. But if you hit a bomb it doesn't move you very far. I guess that's just personal preference though so it doesn't really matter.

tip use this to create a reload button
set in any script
using unityengine.scenemanegment

then in your code

public void restartgameorsomthing(){
scenemanage.load(0)”<-0 is probably the first scene”
then make a button style it however you want now ge to the event of the button click on + then select the object with that script
then select the script and the name of the void and bam a reload button

Reminds me of that Super Snot Put game on Nitrome from back in the day. It would be great if you add a high score board

hogbyte1776 responds:

i will be adding that and a few other things in time. thanks for your input

Confusing and boring.

some instructions would be greatly appreciated. seems like he goes flying the first time I click him but then nothing happens until I refresh the page

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Jan 10, 2019
11:58 PM EST
Skill - Other