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On the last days of the year, you still have a chance for success!

Pay close attention to the tasks in the resolution list, and try to click on them on the days that come before time runs out!
You can click more than once on the same option!
(be careful not to click on tasks that were not on the list)

Good luck!

art and code by maruki: http://twitter.com/marukihurakami

moving text effect by Mohamed Youssouf: https://codepen.io/mohamedyoussouf/

shake text effect by Dronca Raul: https://codepen.io/rauldronca/

list animation by Yoann: https://codepen.io/yoannhel/

song "Children's March Theme" by Cleyton Kauffman: https://soundcloud.com/cleytonkauffman

thanks to sugoidev for the always awesome husbandry, company and proofreading

EDIT: After some feedback, I made this real quick update!

The resolutions list now is twice as slower, so you can read it better. And the bunny hand at the start screen is fixed!


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A little bit confusing, but I think I got the feel for it eventually. It's got a fun and zany feel to it; punch it up more with some sound and feedback!

maruki responds:

Thanks! It is a bunch of things bundled together and it was made in 3 days, more or less, that's why it lacks polishing, more designing and etc.

This is a somewhat ironic game to play at the end of the year.
It's January now. I can now properly sink 90 hours into this.
Real cute game. Nice stuff! I always like simple skill games.

maruki responds:

Thank you!! It's meant to be both ironic and somehow motivational (meaning you can still have accomplishments at the nick of time). I'm happy you liked it!

Game looks too boring

maruki responds:

really? aw D:

it is good, but could be better, first of all, i know you can do many things in one day, but i think it'd be better if we could only press 1 thing once so your final score is not... 38, also ...
wash the dishes
get a pet rock
do laundry
hit the gym
buy rollerblades
consume candy
do the dishes
get ice cream
find my keys
steal a kiss
hug my dog

these can be totally copied from the title screen with ctrlc ctrlv. But its preety fun and music is good, could be longer and have a tick tock tick tock in the bg when they are the last 5 seconds of each day, so it'd be more stressful. I likes it an changed my score from 3.5 to 4 while writing this.

maruki responds:

Thanks for the review! Of course it can be copied - it's a text-based game after all, haha! I made all the options reclickable as a very intentional feature, meaning that you can get more points in life for repeating the same correct actions over and over (and, in the same sense, you can lose a lot of points in life if you repeatedly take the wrong actions over and over).
Do you think it need to be even more stressful? Hahaha!

Oh gods, that was adorable, simple, and very silly. The difficulty curve was surprisingly steep, especially towards the end. But it never felt like a break from the overall tone or concept.