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The Puzzle

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Author Comments

Can you solve it?

Consegues resolvê-lo?

The Puzzle is a mysterious game full of puzzles and also with a hidden story. Probably not everyone will be able to finish the game, but who knows, maybe you are ... different.

The Puzzle é um jogo misterioso cheio de enigmas e também com uma história escondida. Provavelmente nem toda a gente vai conseguir terminar o jogo, mas quem sabe, talvez tu sejas... diferente.

https://vocaroo.com/i/s10hfq5g7gTk (link 2 puzzle)

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To people stuck on the second puzzle look at the screen when you screw up then look at the hint and make a word that means what they suggest. For the 3rd puzzle (which is numbered 2 oddly) you send us to a voice recording service, i am guessing we are supposed to hear some message but there is nothing on that page. First, don't send people to some outside page, we don't like that, especially when it is some tiny ad filled site we have never heard of. Please record something upload it to newgrounds and link it in on newgrounds. If it is not a message to be heard I don't get your hint you have 4 sets of 8 spaces each. Vocaroo has only 2 8 character words on the page comments and improved neither of which seems to be a password. I also tried other words/word sets from the site and nothing works. Consider adding a hint system.

Yes, I have heard of binary, but without you mentioning that it wouldn't have been something I would have checked. With that and the correct audio file I have passed that level. Also got past the next one (chemistry) no problem. I am not fond of cyphers so I think I will give the rest a pass for right now. There is definitely some fun to be had in this game, and I am going to update to a better score it is obvious you did put a lot of time and effort into this, Without updating the game you may want to make a list of hints (where applicable and post them in the description or somewhere to allow people who want to keep going to do so. Good job though!

Bwdo responds:

Thanks for the ideas, a hint system is a great idea. First, i know that the 3rd puzzle is numbered 2, but that is on purpose. Second, I understand what you are saying to me about sending the players to another site, but it was the only ideia that I had to give the player the possibility of downloading the audio that i made, but i am going to think in another solution to that problem. You have the site here and I am going to put it in the description of th game: https://vocaroo.com/i/s10hfq5g7gTk
Hint (have you ever heard of binary code?)
Thanks for the feedback and sorry for my bad english.

You know, the player starts with the first level, you punch him directly in the face. A capital letter? really? As far as i know, this alphabet doesn't differ between capital and normal letters at all. Therefor, and since it's the first puzzle, all combinations should be accepted. BIND, bind, BiNd, bInD, ...
The second puzzle? I tried different things and than thought about how many combinations of the same idea i would have to try and quit.

One thing that i didn't mentioned before: the screen doesn't fit. The game seems too big for the frame. Therefore just the half of the submit-button is visible.
You've added a hint screen at the beginning? Don't make it a separate button. Just add it after the player pressed play. Normally people will just try to play your game and only go back to the instructions, if it doesn't work. But at this point, they are already pissed on.

So, i managed to pass level 2 - really nice one by the way. But one has to have the right idea for this. Next level is ... well the link. But i managed to get the Hint and with the hint from the other guy ... i didn't got to any solution. The 3 puzzles so far are almost like one of these very hard geocaches. I will keep an eye on this game, but can't finish it right now.

Bwdo responds:

Thanks for your remark, I understand perfectly what you are saying to me and possibly I will update the game to solve this small problem. So the player will not think his answer is wrong just because he wrote in capital letter or normal letter.
Also you're right, Morse code does not differ between capital letters and normal letters.
I apologize for my bad English and once again thank you for the feedback.

Credits & Info

2.55 / 5.00

Dec 25, 2018
4:43 PM EST