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Kick The Jester

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That Jester was especially boring today. Kick him out as far as you can!

Send him to the outer edges of the kingdom, so he never comes back!
And if your swift kick is not enough, throw tomatoes at him while he flies, so he flies even further!


Kick the Jester is an open source tossing game made in Unity.
Check it out in Github: https://github.com/SMaleck/kick-the-jester

Made out of passion for creating games for a living.

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Awesome game!!! Great concept as well!! Just fabulous!

Too many instant stop obstacles. Needs a velocity indicator. Not enough money accumulation. No visual representation of upgrades. No change in ground map scenery (None that I saw at least) It has a great base to build from but needs more.

This was not great, as far as tosser games go. There was no velocity indicator, just height and distance covered. There were very few variables that could be changed, and they maxed out quickly. There was no end to the game, an end being kind of necessary if the upgrades max out. I'm just not impressed. You could do a lot better. This isn't 2006. We need more than a modified "Kitten Cannon."

The rocks instantly stopping a run was wholly unnecessary. If they only gave a significant slow down, this game would have been entertaining enough to finish.

Did what it was meant to do. Didn't experience any lag. Was fun to unlock all of the potential upgrades. It entertained me for awhile. Would enjoy it more if there were more upgrade options or if there were perhaps more stages? That would extend the playtime of the game. Thanks for making this! The artwork was pretty cool.

Credits & Info

3.11 / 5.00

Dec 23, 2018
8:50 AM EST
Skill - Toss

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