Hansel And Gretel Escape

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The triumphant tale of two children who overcame their would-be assailant and escape to freedom. If you like "escape the room" style games then give this one a try!

Left Click - Interact with stuff
Right Click - Drop whatever you're holding

links in the game aren't working right now, so:


You can also get the desktop version there, if this web version is loading too slowly.

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Moss555: The toy helps to take the knife, the flipflop helps to turn the skull card and the knife helps with cutting things. The card shows a code which should be used by the pedals.

Everyone else: I've almost finished the game. Anybody knows how do i get the yellow note? I opened the air vents, but nothing happens.

NineCircleStudios responds:

Nice! Check all the air vents, not just the ones above the radio ;-)

We need a walkthrough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am stuck with the toy, knife and flipflop. I don't know what to use them for, The note is no help because it won't let me cut the guy. I tried to cut open the seat things near his feet, but nothing is coming out of those either

I managed to load the game on firefox, it doesn't work perfectly but i like the style of the game. i agree about the walkthrough though. i'm stuck with a needle in the box and i've tried everything i could think of, but the character will not pick up the needle or use any of the items i have on it.

NineCircleStudios responds:

Ah. The needle is just a hint on where to look. Have you checked the air vent yet? The yellow note and the needle should tell you where to cut. Of course, to get to the yellow note, you need to play around with the radio area. ;-)

Ok so I'm not going to complain about the loading time since it's not that long in my opinion (took about 3 min on an old laptop while downloading something in the background). However, I do find the game unbearable from the begining because the mouse sensitivity is so low. Is there no way to let me play with my own mouse sensitivity? I really want to play this game but it's too painful for me.

NineCircleStudios responds:

I find that it loads significantly faster in IE and Edge. It loads in Chrome, but it seems to be a bit slower there. It doesn't load in FIrefox at all. Hope that helps! Also, I didn't set the mouse sensitivity to anything, so maybe that's related to lag I need to troubleshoot? I'm not sure.

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2.59 / 5.00

Dec 12, 2018
8:41 AM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click