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Hansel And Gretel Escape

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Author Comments

The triumphant tale of two children who overcame their would-be assailant and escape to freedom. If you like "escape the room" style games then give this one a try!

Left Click - Interact with stuff
Right Click - Drop whatever you're holding

links in the game aren't working right now, so:


You can also get the desktop version there, if this web version is loading too slowly.

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It's a pretty difficult game, especially with the controls, I have everything thing I need to leave except for the key, and when I try to use the massager to get the key, it is not letting me click anywhere around the key to get it, rather annoying

Edit: okay I finally got the key, I have no idea why it worked this time and not all the other times, I was just clicking in the same spots


1.) Turn to the flip-flops and take a flip flop.
2.) Turn to the feet of the body and take the teddy.
3.) Use the teddy on the knife
4.) Go to the front seat and throw the flip flop at the air freshener.
5.) Remember the pattern on the back and translate that to the pedals (Brake=dash, Gas=dot)
6.) Once the code has been placed go to the passenger's seat and take the massager.
7.) Go to the window and observe the mirror as it will give you the code to the box in the glove compartment.
8.) Look at the RFID needle and go to the radio.
9.) Get the air conditioner at max and set it to vent, this will reveal the sticky note.
10.) Go to the driver seat and look at the speedometer.
10a.) you can only cut his hand once you set the radio to the country music and at half volume.
11.) Use the knife to cut his hand and take the RFID.
12.) look up from the body and use the massager to get the key.
13.) Use the key on the key hole and the RFID on the red square.
14.) Click on the door for freedom.

glitchy, hard to operate,

ok u need the purple thing to get the key the the note and needle come into play

Moss555: The toy helps to take the knife, the flipflop helps to turn the skull card and the knife helps with cutting things. The card shows a code which should be used by the pedals.

Everyone else: I've almost finished the game. Anybody knows how do i get the yellow note? I opened the air vents, but nothing happens.

NineCircleStudios responds:

Nice! Check all the air vents, not just the ones above the radio ;-)

Credits & Info

2.54 / 5.00

Dec 12, 2018
8:41 AM EST