Ghostly Getaway

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Ghostly Getaway is a puzzle game where you have to sacrifice your own body to escape from the prison.

It’s made by Mors, Renhoek, Darkonius Mavakar, Cruise Elroy, Sooshy, and Catonator for Ludum Dare 43!

You can move Poncho using the arrow keys, and use the A key for interactions.

This game has a save function, you can continue later from where you dropped off.

Link to the Ludum Dare submission: https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/43/ghostly-getaway

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It's a good game! The Puzzles are nice and the Gameplay is fluid, and that little change with that music when you change between human and ghost are good. The Concept was unique and executed good, and the sacrifice didn't feel illogical because you couldn't do things as a human that you could as a ghost, and vice versa.

The Puzzle mechanics were good and sometimes hard to figure out. ( Example for me: How long it takes the TNT to blow up and the fan mechanic. ) It took a minute to exactly understand the mechanic. The Puzzles were nice, ( even though I am NOT good at puzzle games... ) they presented a decent challenge. The Collectibles ( AKA. The Pigs ) presented challenges that you needed to think hard to figure them out.

The Graphics were clean and simple, ( Plus Pixel Art games are my jam ) and the western theme went with the game's look and atmosphere.

Overall, it's just a good game! I'm not the BEST at puzzle games, but I think it's a good game. The Graphics, the Music, and the whole game. Nice job!

This was quite nice. The concept was unique and well-executed; it didn't feel like the sacrifice aspect was tacked on or illogical, and there were things you could do as a ghost that you couldn't as a human and vice versa. The fact the music changes as a ghost was a nice touch, too.

The puzzle mechanics for the most part were intuitive and discoverable, though there were a few times I had to restart a level after figuring out exactly what something did. (Oh, that's how long it takes for TNT to explode.) The progression was solid and felt natural; while the puzzles were on the easier side, they still presented a decent challenge, and there were a few levels I had to start over several times as I worked out the solution. On the other hand, I never felt like I was stuck and was always able to make progress.

The graphics and sound, while simple, were clean, appealing, and well-designed, and fit with the game's character.

On the whole, I could forget that this was a Ludum Dare piece, because nothing felt rushed about it. On the other hand, everything seemed polished and coherent; it wasn't too short, and nothing seemed poorly thought out or out of place. It was simple, yes; but simple isn't bad, and it was enjoyable and entertaining.

The game is not bad at all. I enjoyed every bit of it. The different music ambiance is great :)
There is a little bug though, when you come to a bandit from behind him and touch him, he shoot and you can't move. I assume that is because when you cross his path you must be stopped in order to be killed.

Other than that the puzzles were really nice. Well done for this entry :)

A fun game with a unique concept. The only thing stopping it from getting a higher score is the jumping sound effect which get extremely repetitive and annoying, but great game over all

Honestly I loved your game. I would like to get all the pigs to unlock something, a happy ending would be the best.

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3.82 / 5.00

Dec 4, 2018
5:25 PM EST
Puzzles - Other