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Ghostly Getaway

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Ghostly Getaway is a puzzle game where you have to sacrifice your own body to escape from the prison.

It’s made by Mors, Renhoek, Darkonius Mavakar, Cruise Elroy, Sooshy, and Catonator for Ludum Dare 43!

You can move Poncho using the arrow keys, and use the A key for interactions.

This game has a save function, you can continue later from where you dropped off.

Link to the Ludum Dare submission: https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/43/ghostly-getaway

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The game was fun, but there seems to be a problem with the fan.

Neat puzzler, longer than I thought it would be. My only problems are some of the mechanics (fans facing both ways, doors temporarily/permanently opened by the same switch) are a little unintuitive and the difficulty curve goes up and down. Completion time was around 1:20:00

how nice

This game so much fun! Simplistic, yet extremely creative gameplay mechanic to jump from physical to ghost forms. Though this game is great, there were three minor issues that bugged me as I was playing.

The first being that levels will drastically fight back and forth between the puzzle being related to collecting the bonus pig and the completion of the level itself. Several levels in the beginning seem extremely simple to solve to get the gate open but it's the bonus pig that becomes the true puzzle to solve. You can easily complete the levels but for completionists, such as myself, the pigs are extremely irritating. Then it'll start to favor the levels themselves being completed with the pigs acting more like coins you can collect as you go instead of bonus puzzles to complete.

Secondly I found it a bit annoying that there's no progress bar or anything to show you what level you're at, how far you're in the game, or how many pigs you've collected on the main menu. It just says "Continue" and that's it. It's not that big of a deal, but I still would like to know where I am in the game. I haven't beaten the game yet though so maybe this is a feature later on once you've beaten the game idk.

And the last thing that I didn't like so much was how unfurnished the main menu features are. I get this was a submission to the Ludum Dare event, but this game has been out for about 6 months now so you can add new features if necessary. First of all you can't return to the main menu. I suppose with how the game is set up where there is no level selection this wouldn't be such an issue, but the fact that both the audio toggle and the key remapping options are both on the main menu makes this an issue. When I learned about the restart command, I quickly wanted to remap my keys to accommodate these conditions but since there's no option to return to the main menu, I had to refresh my browser to restart the game so I could go remap it. Speaking of which, I also think it'd be nice if you could select the key you want to remap instead of remapping the entire keyset altogether. Not that big of an issue, but annoying to work with.

In fact the key bindings and audio toggle options should not only just be on a separate settings section, but should save as the game does with your progress. Every time I reload the game I have to remap my keys to my preferences. These things struck a nerve with me and I quickly found them a tad bit annoying but it's not something that ruins my experience so I'll let it slide.

Everything else is just awesome! The artstyle is great, the music is lovely, the short backstory is cool, the gameplay is smooth, and the puzzles aren't very frustrating to solve. Besides the fluctuating objective priorities throughout levels, lack of insight on the player's progress, and the unfurnished menu screen, I love it.

Fun twist on the "don't die" part of most adventure/puzzle games!