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Satiate (Ludum Dare 43 Compo)

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Author Comments

- Update: Fixed Bug where game hangs on later levels!

An alien with an insatiable appetiate has attacked your camp. Satiate its cravings using any means necessary.. Even if it means sacrificing your people.

Made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 43 with the theme "Sacrifices must be made". I may make a post-compo version that has a better tutorial and an endgame (craft something to kill the alien)

Space - follow (when near person)
Z - assign to building (when near building)
X - remove all current followers


- Game ramps up in difficulty. Plan accordingly
- Make propaganda towers to increase human count, then dispensers to allow more to be processed, then hospitals to decrease effects of stress
- A dispenser produces 50 food and 10 seconds to process. You must take this into account. If you only have one dispenser, you will need at least 30 seconds to produce 150 food.
- Stress naturally dissipates with time
- You can keep pressing space and make more than one person follow you.
- It takes 30 seconds for stress to produce burnout, hospitals allow them to work longer by another 30 seconds

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-playthrough Strategy
game is about get your building order fastest way possible
-+2 tower -> +1 Dispenser -> +1 hospital -> +1 tower
(after that you get surplus and is just to research everything, even if the game don't have a End Screen).
Run quick, grab the 2 start dudes and throw then into the tower and then the research for your 2nd and later 3rd tower, 1 dispenser can at most keep with you to that moment, maybe get a 2nd dispeser sooner if you are having excess people.
Throw angry people at the grinder if possible, but at the first few min. most extra manpower is going to the grind, regardless of their feeling. Try to keep the Dispenser and towers alwayas working, the rest can wait.
You will have so many people that is easy to just group the non-stressed and throw them everywhere (including grind)

- My problems with the game
1) The Ramp up dificult should at least wait for the tutorial box to finish
2) It could benn press Z 2 times instead of z and space, even more when you are always out of time.
3) The font kind become weird in special after 2000 food.
4) No end state/screen just go forever.
5) It could have the most stressed dude go first in the grind and the least stressed for the rest, so I don't have to sorting out them
6) Is frustating not being able to change the almost stressed dude from one of my fresh recruit until he is done or have to take him to your herd and then he imediatly go back instead of the other 10 fresh that are with me. I think is based of who is closest.
7) Lack of deep, but make sense when he couldn only do in 48hrs, but a end screen would be nice.

Any way, I give a 4 Start because
1- Is a RTS and I enjoy even if rare
2- Is a interesting concept that I hope could be developed more
3- The tight timer really does sell the adrenaline of try to Satiate this creature, and running around almost desperate to throw people at the grind to feed but enough to keep tower running.

Too hard.No tutorial.Always not enough time.A fine concept,but needs A LOT of work.


Kicks my ass every time

This game should be called insatiable god dammit is so hard lmao
Really nice game, I hope you don't have any experience as a manager though.....