Suicidal Knight

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Made for the Ludum Dare 43: Sacrificies must be made
( /!\ this is the original jam submission)

We decided to do a quest in a dungeon with enemy waves. Each time you end a wave you need to sacrifice some of your stuffs (or more?)
Will you be able to finish it and kill the boss? :)

WASD (or ZQSD): to move
left-click: to attack (you can hold it)
scroll wheel: to chose between the sword and the bow
esc: to get back to menu

LD page:

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I was expecting way better.
It literally just gives me a black screen with only the stats on ( Health, Equipment, etc. ).
I can still hear the sound effects, but i can't play it.
It's as if I'd try to play it while being blindfolded.
I'm truely sorry, but I'll have to rate 1/5.
I hope this will get fixed, If it will, then I'll gladly change my rating.

Edit: I clicked the link in the description, and I found the itch.io download.
I'll load the game, and I'll see if it works there. I'll change the rating if it does.

Edit 2: Nope, It wont work.

I don't know, I thought it was pretty easy. Cool idea too.


it's a good concept but it's unnecessarily hard.

punknower responds:

I agree with you. I will keep that feedback for future projects. Thank you.

You made the same mistake that most top down games have, WAY TOO HARD. I like the idea of sacrficing items, But seriously? Game: shield or feet? me:-_- At first I was thinking of doing no stars to teach you a lesson but then I realized that I was being a huge douche. And I realized that the game was halfway average. One thing I really wanted to complain about is the rock spitters.
Level: 6 Me: Oh boi I'm finally gonna beat this game! Game: heheheheheehehehehehehheheheehehehehehhehehehheh. Me: There's 2 of them!? How do I dodge xd omg lol #lol newb. You get the point. Still, good game I guess but 4 words. NERF. LEVEL. FREAKING. 6.

punknower responds:

Thanks for your feedback :)
You are being too nice on the score so i'm surprised but already thank you for having tried the game.
Yes there is some balance issues and I doubt I would fix them because it's the original jam game. Therefore I would take what you say into consideration for future projects. But of course I get what you mean and I understand that it can be frustrating at times.
Anyway glad you wrote me. Take care.

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3.33 / 5.00

Dec 3, 2018
4:31 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional