Suicidal Knight

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Made for the Ludum Dare 43: Sacrificies must be made
( /!\ this is the original jam submission)

We decided to do a quest in a dungeon with enemy waves. Each time you end a wave you need to sacrifice some of your stuffs (or more?)
Will you be able to finish it and kill the boss? :)

WASD (or ZQSD): to move
left-click: to attack (you can hold it)
scroll wheel: to chose between the sword and the bow
esc: to get back to menu

LD page:

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it's a good concept but it's unnecessarily hard.

punknower responds:

I agree with you. I will keep that feedback for future projects. Thank you.

You made the same mistake that most top down games have, WAY TOO HARD. I like the idea of sacrficing items, But seriously? Game: shield or feet? me:-_- At first I was thinking of doing no stars to teach you a lesson but then I realized that I was being a huge douche. And I realized that the game was halfway average. One thing I really wanted to complain about is the rock spitters.
Level: 6 Me: Oh boi I'm finally gonna beat this game! Game: heheheheheehehehehehehheheheehehehehehhehehehheh. Me: There's 2 of them!? How do I dodge xd omg lol #lol newb. You get the point. Still, good game I guess but 4 words. NERF. LEVEL. FREAKING. 6.

punknower responds:

Thanks for your feedback :)
You are being too nice on the score so i'm surprised but already thank you for having tried the game.
Yes there is some balance issues and I doubt I would fix them because it's the original jam game. Therefore I would take what you say into consideration for future projects. But of course I get what you mean and I understand that it can be frustrating at times.
Anyway glad you wrote me. Take care.

A pretty good game, especially for being made in 48 hours. I loved trying out losing different things to see what they would do. However, because some things are really valuable, I end up in these situation where I had to choose between losing my bow and my feet, where I felt like I had gotten a horrible dice roll. A better option would be to give you everything you could sacrafice upfront, or just give 4 or 6 options instead of two. Also, if you´re going to stay with the randomization, can you remove the times where you have to choose between losing a life and losing a life? It takes out the touch desicion making and ends up being a question of what looks better.

Speaking of looking good, your game has a pretty firmly established and well made asthetic. There wasn´t much music, as far as I could tell, but the visuals were nice and consistent.

Things get a little bit worse on the gameplay end, however. There are no enviornmental obstacles, and there is never really any usage of different enemy types in the same level, so there´s very little tactical depth, and most of the gameplay is just hitting the enemies faster then they hit you. Just combine more enemy types in the same level, or add rocks to hide behind or dangerous spikes all over the place, and suddenly, there´s something to think about. I know the latter involves more assets and programming, but the former would be easy to implement, and probably more effective. As it is, most of my decisions were made in the sacrafice selection screen between levels.

So, there you have it. A pretty great game, to say the least. Kay bye.

P.S. could you add a weapon switching alternative to those who don have a mouse?

punknower responds:

Thanks for your constructive feedback. You pointed lots of good infos, and you are right on so many issues.
I think the idea was too ambitious to make it during the weekend, that is why we couldn't implement everything we wanted too. And we try to slash the ideas to its minimum but we succeeded in implementing the general idea for what we had for the game.
Would have be nice to create more choice or obstacles I agree with you :)
Thank you again

It's okay, but the "wheel" works horribly for my laptop, so I cant change from sword to bow. you should instead be able to use numbers, like 1 and 2.

punknower responds:

I don't know why we didn't even thought about it.....that's a great idea ! :D

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3.36 / 5.00

Dec 3, 2018
4:31 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional