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StarFire vs Android 18

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Had to re-upload this one with different music. But here it is!

Here it is everyone! Enjoy!


Tekken 7 OST Heat Haze Shadow 1st
Tekken 7 OST Heat Haze Shadow 2nd
Tekken 5 OST Hwoarangs Ending

Kevin Macloed - Hush

DC Universe Online Soundtrack - Epic Raid Boss 2- Kneel Before Zod!

Rain Ambience

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Damn nice fight between Android 18 and Starfire liked the animation. Keep it up bro im looking forward to Raven vs Android 18 make it epic.

How does this only have a 2.61?! I mean, it's not one of the best cartoons ever. I thought the action was amazing! My eyes were glued to the screen the whole time! Okay, that was mostly because of Starfire's massive cleavage. Seriously, I think she's the most beautiful comic book character ever.

I was wondering why Android 17 and 18 were evil. Oh, this must have been them from the future. The most powerful member of the Teen Titans is Raven. I thought she would have lasted longer. Still an awesome cartoon.

Hey that was pretty cool. Epic! Looking forward to next fight.

hey, I liked this :3