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SubAtomic Particles

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Author Comments

Please Support me so i can make more game with cool ideas

If you have any game dev idea so please write in coment it will be helpful

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Well this was a refreshingly scientific game! The idea's simple but the delivery... something you need to read introductions to understand. Lags a bit, as Unity games often seem to do, but otherwise all good.


being a skeleton I don't know to much about this stuff but... this game is fine.
nothing was made great. it got boring, BUT it was fun for a while, keep up the okay work and maybe you can make this okay game great. maybe you could add more mechanics. i'm blamming this game but NOT the idea. this could have great potential. it could have a light linear story with a man going on a quest to destroy something on a subatomic level. anyway keep at it. if this comment is read or even heeded I expect great things.

As b-random9 wrote, it needs some work.

- Why the rotation? And if you find a use for it, include rotation with A and D.
- Do a bit of a research on atoms. Would be nice if you somehow could implement the maximum number of electrons in each orbit.
- Add more depth to the game.
- Why a bar to indicate the health of the nucleus? Remove protons instead. Also, indicate what element it currently is.

This is an interesting idea but it feels like more of a proof of concept than a ready to be released game.

I think the most notable issue is the entire game just comes down to "wait for the electrons" then "click to shoot". You have the ability to rotate around the nucleus but why would you? The electrons just come to you anyway so this feels a bit out of place.

Something to work towards would also be nice, even if it was just a highscore tracker. Since the power doesn't regenerate in any way then making one little mistake early on can give that feeling of "why not just restart". If I had a goal I was working towards this would not only make the game more compelling but it might also alleviate this issue, though that's just speculation.

Finally a couple of nitpicks. The music doesn't loop properly which feels disjointed. Also having the text immediately fade that tells you how to play is a real pain. Granted, I figured it out but I had to keep losing on purpose to re-read the text and check I wasn't missing anything.

Overall, this could do with some work but the very basic gameplay is compelling and interesting, though expanding on gameplay whilst still keeping it accurate to real world physics could be a challenge.

Credits & Info

2.93 / 5.00

Nov 3, 2018
3:42 AM EDT