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It features 8 of the 64 levels in Ruya.

The full game features lots more content, 8 worlds with unique soundtracks, unlockable dreams with an ending! If you like the demo you can buy the game on Steam or Itch.io it's only $3.99!

- Miracle Tea

Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/886380/Ruya/
Itch.io: https://miracle-tea.itch.io/
Mac: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ruya/id1401044889?ls=1&mt=12

Soundtrack: https://miracletea.bandcamp.com/releases

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Love it X3

MiracleTea responds:

Thank you! <3


Wow this game was really "INTENSE" you have some nifty effects even though its a demo you really have a nice game here, I could see you adding some medals on this game or the full version, alright So you have some good Criteria to make this a decent flash entry, There was no Diminishing points in the game allthough some points could be abit better, I will ofcourse elaborate later on some unnecessarily and even Lacking points in the submission but as I said i will get to that a bit later, for the most part this was pretty interesting.

I could see you adding some medals on this game or the full version


MiracleTea responds:

Thanks so much! We'll look into sorting out medals in the future. :)

Relaxing and fun puzzle game. The graphics remind me of early 2008 flash games. The audio is not distracting and helps one feel at ease while trying to solve the puzzles for this game. I hope the full game is pretty fun as well.

I liked how clicking on Ruya at the main screen showed her reacting to being clicked on in a variety of ways. :D

MiracleTea responds:

Thanks so much! Glad you liked the little animations of Ruya reacting. :D

Such am ambient game. :) Really enjoying the atmosphere here, and it's easy to get into too. The effects. The visuals. The occasional noise... it makes for an almost therapeutic session of gaming. Very nice. And the thing I'm most impressed with is: it's made with Unity yet it doesn't big down my computer at all!! Impressive work getting it to be as functional as it is! Very nice game so far.


MiracleTea responds:

Thank you so much! :D

Oh wow, the concept is great, the art and music are soothing. But it holds your hand too much. The pointing hand is very distracting and actually very annoying, as well, and for me personally is very triggering. As a player you need to be able to pick where you click, which combinations. But it doesn't let you do that. There is too little for the player to do, figure out or intuit. In essence, there's no puzzle because you're being told what to do. It's all done for you, making the game-play feel non-immersive and claustrophobic. Don't make that mistake! ;)))) This game is too good to have that handicap, especially if you're going to sell it. It's good, but it could be great. Take out that problem, and you've got it. This is now one of my favorite games, barring the one minor issue. Also It's entirely possible I'm missing the point. That said, great game!

MiracleTea responds:

Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on this! Very helpful and interesting. A few people have had similar thoughts to you. We find tutorials quite tricky to design. It's a fine balance between being too 'hand holdy' and the player not understanding the mechanics and walking away.

Beyond these initial mechanics we fully let go of the players hands and let players discover things. But perhaps we should've scaffolded the gameplay down a little more at the start and we probably could've dropped the pointing hand. Always lots to learn, hopefully we nail it in the next game. Thanks for playing! :) <3